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Youths share stories of their mental health struggles in The Overcomer Series

The series hopes to encourage people with mental health issues to seek help.

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Published: 29 June 2021, 5:43 PM

Speaking up about the mental health issues one faces is never easy, but for these five youths, doing so may encourage others to seek the help they need.

The Overcomer Series features the stories of five youths and their personal struggles in how they fought and overcame their mental health struggles.

The series was organised by local start-up Myloh, which aims to help Singaporeans take charge of their physical, social and mental health.

In one of the videos, Ryan, 23, shared his experience being bullied in secondary school and his attempt at taking his own life. His life took a turn for the better when he met his polytechnic lecturer, Ms Tan, who encouraged him to believe in himself.

His commitment to never give up led him to excel in school, where he eventually became a top graduate at Singapore Polytechnic.


Ryan encourages those facing mental health struggles to never give up on themselves. PHOTO CREDIT: MYLOH


Steve Loh, the founder of Myloh, said: “More than 75 per cent of people struggle with mental disorders in silence. The Overcomer series aims to connect with those that are struggling or lost and let them know they are not alone. If they seek help, they can be a better version of themselves.”

Here’s the first video introducing the series:

Myloh hopes that this series of stories will help bring mental health issues to the forefront, and encourage conversations about mental health to take place.

Watch the series on Myloh’s YouTube here.

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