Youths looking forward to Phase 3 of Singapore’s re-opening

Most Singaporean youths we spoke to were excited to learn of the news and have thought of what they were going to do come Dec 28.

Phoon Jia Hui

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Published: 14 December 2020, 7:02 PM

Singapore will move into Phase 3 of its reopening on Dec 28, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced on Monday (Dec 14)

As part of the move to Phase 3, groups of up to eight will be allowed for social gatherings – an increase from the current five. Capacity limits in public places like malls, attractions and places of worship will be eased as well.  

We spoke to five youths to get their thoughts on the impending move.

Glad to be able to dine in together with family of six

“I’m happy that Phase 3 is opening soon. But I’m sad that it’s only starting after Christmas, because everyone wants to get together during the Christmas period but can’t do so. 

“But I’m glad that with Phase 3, my family of six can finally go out and eat together. We previously had to be split up every time we went out due to the maximum five people rule which I found to be a hassle. We were unable to communicate effectively as a result.” – Danielle Koh, 19, Student


Danielle is happy to be finally able to sit at the same table with her family of six when dining out. PHOTO CREDIT: SHI MIN TEH VIA UNSPLASH


Happy to be able to celebrate festive period together with friends

“I’m glad that Phase 3 is opening this year because I can celebrate a late Christmas with my group of seven friends. However, we are probably going to gather at someone’s house because it might be unsafe to go out in a large crowd right now when everyone else is doing so too.”

“But there are still people who are definitely going to flout the new rules and meet in groups larger than eight during Phase 3, so I just hope that people will be responsible and obey the law.” – Tricia Ong, 19, Student

Vaccine could signal the return of normalcy

“I am looking forward to going out for a meal with my family and friends. It’s nice that we can now sit together at the same table to eat and not have to sit separately. To be honest, I don’t think there is anything that I will miss from Phase 2, since the rules are slightly more relaxed from Phase 3.

“However, I am excited to hear that a vaccine is going to be made available for everyone in Singapore by the third quarter of 2021, but I have some doubts on its legitimacy and whether there will be any side effects. 

“Nevertheless, it is a step towards normalcy and hopefully we can travel for holidays soon!” – Zulhilmi Ahmad, 27, Digital Content Coordinator


Zulhilmi hopes that a working vaccine will allow everyone to travel overseas soon. PHOTO CREDIT: MARKUS SPISKE VIA UNSPLASH


Wary and will continue to keep guard up

“My immediate thoughts would be that it’s probably still too early for Phase 3, but I trust the decisions that authorities make. Of course, everyone has to play their part to stay vigilant and not be over-complacent too. 

“As for plans in Phase 3, I have no plans to hold mass gatherings with anyone just yet as the virus isn’t entirely eradicated in the world. Everyone should continue to wear their masks and observe social distancing whenever possible, especially in public or crowded areas.” – Melvin Teo, 24, IT Specialist


Melvin prefers to err on the side of caution and hopes everyone remains vigilant, even as Singapore moves into Phase 3. PHOTO CREDIT: KINGSLEY YANG VIA UNSPLASH


Looking forward to seeing friends from church in person again

“I think the first thing I would like to do is have a gathering at my house with my church’s cell group because I haven’t seen the group members in person for a very long time. 

“I’ll definitely miss the quieter and smaller intimate meet-ups with my friends and family in Phase 2 due to the five-person rule. During Phase 2, it forced us to be a little more creative with the many online Zoom gatherings but I’m glad that we can see each other physically now with the impending Phase 3.” – Jonathan Lee, 22, Freelancer

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