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Win Grab vouchers, Mighty Jaxx figurines on Youthopia in July

The giveaways, done in commemoration of Youth Month, will be initiated through our website and social media platforms.

Nyi Htet

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Published: 1 July 2022, 10:22 AM

Youthopia is celebrating Youth Month in July by hosting Find Spark — a giveaway initiative  — in July. 

From Jul 4, we will give out 3,000 GrabFood and Grab ride vouchers. Readers will need to find the Spark icons that will be hidden on various pages on our website throughout the month to get the vouchers. 

Each day, a limited number of vouchers will be made available. The Spark icon can be found on a number of pages on Youthopia, and  more than 3,000 vouchers will be up for grabs through youth month.

Separately, we are running a Spark Giveaway campaign through social media. 

Our valued readers stand a chance to redeem adorable figurines from local collectible manufacturer Mighty Jaxx, including limited edition Spark figurines

To win these, you will have to follow our Instagram where we will post the flash giveaways on our Instagram Story. 

Fastest fingers win, as the first person who fills up the form will win the Mighty Jaxx collectibles — which will be revealed on our social posts — while the next 50 will receive the figurine of our youth icon, Spark.  So, make sure to turn on notifications for Youthopia’s Instagram Story alerts to ensure you are quickest! 

The flash giveaways will happen once every weekend in the month of July, beginning from Jul 9. Terms and conditions apply. 

Best of luck to those participating!

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