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Youth react to Apple’s latest announcement and the launch of the new iPhone 13

The launch of the new iPhone 13 received mixed responses from youth, with some anticipating its impressive camera features and others believing it did not live up to the hype.

Noreen Shazreen

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Published: 16 September 2021, 9:58 AM

Apple announced the launch of its new products at its virtual September 2021 Apple Event on Tuesday (Wednesday, Sep 15, Singapore time). 

Among the highlights of the virtual event broadcasted at Apple Park is the new iPhone 13, which has improved 5G connectivity and a bionic chip – expected to have the fastest CPU and GPU, along with a 16-core neural engine. 

Besides the four new iPhone 13 models, Apple also introduced several other products, including the Apple Watch Series 7, the new iPad, and the iPad Mini. 

We spoke to some youths to find out their thoughts on Apple’s latest announcements and if they believed that the product launches were worth the hype.

Anticipates iPhone 13's new camera features

“I think the iPhone 13 Pro Max, or even just their new iPhone series in general, is something that I am most looking forward to. With improved video capturing features such as Cinematic Mode, it allows users to have greater control over the videos they document. 

“They are able to easily create videos without having to go through difficult technicalities. My favourite feature so far is probably the ability to adjust focus in videos even after you have captured the shot. This has the power to revolutionise the media and film industry that has yet to come up with such technology. 

“I think it’s both scary and powerful that new products have greater features. It’s scary because there are individuals out there who spent years perfecting the art of cinematography using complicated gears only to have Apple come in with new products that simplify the process. 

“It’s great because now more individuals have access to amazing cinematography effects without having to go through much.” – Barani Vicnan, 19, Student


Barani looks forward to the iPhone 13’s new camera features, which will allow more youths to master the art of cinematography without having to invest in more professional gear. PHOTO CREDIT: JULIAN TAY

Feels pressured to keep up with technological advances

“The iPhone 13 seems to be a huge competitor in the market right now, especially with its functions. 

“Technology seems to keep evolving faster lately, and it’s very easy to lose track of what’s going on in the world, especially with the number of new innovations being released. 

“If we don’t keep following these launches and announcements despite how frequent they may be, youths might fall out of the loop and might get left behind sooner than we know.” – Amelia Rozario, 19, Student

Benefits from student discounts to purchase Apple products at a more affordable price

“The iPhone, or Apple products in general, are known to be extremely pricey no matter the version or model. I do believe that the phones can be priced a little lower, especially if they want to reach a wider group of people.

“I think it is important that youths take note of the new products that are being made available to them, especially since Apple announced that there will be discounted prices given to schools, such as the iPad which starts at $299 instead of the usual $329 for the general public. 


Keeping up with Apple’s announcements and product launches allows Valerie to purchase them at a discounted price. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NOREEN SHAZREEN


“With all the upgrades these products seem to come with and the current situation we are in, youths could definitely benefit from Apple’s latest announcement of its new product launches.” – Valerie Ang, 20, Student

​​Considers purchasing the new iPhone 13 due to its compatibility with other Apple products

“From a professional photographer’s perspective, the iPhone 13 might still lack the features to replace a DSLR. However, for non-professional use, it does replace the need for a traditional camera.

“Anyone can tell that a camera phone is different from a DSLR. For example, the pixel size of a smartphone camera versus a DSLR is different, so the resulting images will be very different too. 

“However, the branding and compatibility with the current Apple products on hand makes it more attractive. As I use a MacBook for work, the iPhone 13 will make things much more convenient for me. It’s easier to share files with the AirDrop function.” – Cristella Kwong, 26, Analyst


Though Cristella believes that the iPhone 13 lacks the features to replace a DSLR, she considers purchasing it to make her life more convenient at work. PHOTO CREDIT: WES HICKS VIA UNSPLASH

Believes that the new iPhone 13 is not worth the upgrade

“I was actually really underwhelmed by the iPhone 13. The upgrades were minimal and it is basically the same as the iPhone 12. 

“The speed of the A15 Bionic chip is also only subtly faster than the A12, so there really isn’t much of a difference. It may be wiser to either wait another year and hope for a better upgrade or get an iPhone 12 when the prices drop once the iPhone 13 is released.

“However, I would get the new iPhone 13 just because my iPhone XR is dying and because I like the familiarity of an iPhone. But if I cared about getting my money’s worth from a phone, the iPhone 13 wouldn’t be it.” – Terri Kue, 19, Student

Views owning an iPhone 13 as a privilege due to its high price and status

“I was mostly unimpressed with the launch, but I think it’s fine because most smartphone manufacturers go for minor incremental updates to their flagship devices. 

“I believe most smartphones are pretty much sufficient for most people (except for those who might need more processing power). Having the new iPhone 13 seems more of a privilege to me when compared with other phones because of its high price and status. 

“While the prices are very high, I don’t think it’s unwarranted given the technology and engineering that was needed to make it, or at the very least, the price is for the privilege of having a flagship Apple device, regardless of how one feels about the phone’s functionality.” – Benedict Lim, 19, Student

Written by Noreen Shazreen, Amanda Tan and Alicia Ang

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