Youth Action Challenge Season 3 is giving away free iPad, Amazon Kindle for your feedback

The YAC gave away AirPods and a Secretlab chair between Dec 24 and Jan 4.

Amanda Tan

Skills include buying the same jeans in different colours.

Published: 5 January 2022, 12:28 PM

Interested in winning an iPad or an Amazon Kindle? Here’s how you can do it in just three easy steps!

The Youth Action Challenge (YAC) Season 3 is looking for youth (15 to 35 years old) to give thoughtful feedback on the draft proposals submitted by 88 YAC youth teams.

The YAC is a platform where like-minded youth create solutions to help address gaps they see in society. Into its third season now, the 88 teams consisting 344 youths have worked over four months to come up with solutions for important social issues prevalent in Singapore.

These issues include Mental Wellbeing in the Online Space, Environment and Sustainability (including sub-themes such as sustainable living and sustainable tourism), Support for Vulnerable Groups including the Elderly and Low-wage Workers Jobs & Mentoring.

From now till Jan 23, simply find the cause you’re interested in by filtering through the themes and sub-themes on the YAC website. Click on the various youth teams to access their project page, then sign up or sign in with your email before reading through their proposal. 

Finally, answer a few questions and leave your feedback on how you think their ideas can be improved.

Multiple feedback for the different teams across the different causes can be submitted. 

The prizes you stand a chance for winning include Foreword coffee beans (Jan 5 to 11, Support for Vulnerable Groups), Amazon Kindle (Jan 12 to 17, Environment and Sustainability), and iPad (Jan 18 to Jan 23, all causes).

Previously, from Dec 24 to Jan 4, the YAC gave away a pair of AirPods and a Secretlab chair.

Winners will be contacted via email, so make sure you’re signed in!

In the second season of YAC, 47 teams were awarded grants to pursue their projects. This includes nine teams, such as Skilio, that received $50,000.

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