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Young Singaporeans share their post COVID-19 travelling plans

Travel plans for essential activities will gradually resume among countries with low COVID-19 transmission rates.

Winny Wint Htae

Published: 22 May 2020, 5:36 PM

It seems like travelling might be on the cards as soon as the COVID-19 situation improves globally.

On May 19, the Ministry of Health announced that Singapore will be slowly reopening its borders to allow Singaporeans to travel for essential activities overseas, such as business.

In addition, foreigners will be allowed to transit through Changi Airport from Jun 2. Additional precautionary measures will be in place to ensure that passengers stay in designated transit areas and do not mix with other passengers.

However, the reopening of Singapore’s borders is still excluded from the three phases of the post circuit breaker in Singapore.

We asked some youths about their future travelling plans and their reasons for doing so.

Hoping to resume studies overseas 

“I’ll most likely return to Melbourne, Australia, but it depends on what the situation is like over there.

“I’m currently in my first year of pursuing my acting degree under the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Music. It’s been really tough doing a studio-based degree at home without a studio and other bodies in the space to connect with.

“I hope I get to return in July before the second semester starts, but given how slowly Singapore plans to open up, I’ll just have to play by ear. I’ll probably leave as soon as the government gives us the green light to travel.

“Am I scared that I’d get infected in Australia when I return? No. The number of new cases they have in a day has been decreasing at a much faster rate than Singapore, so I think they’ll open up again before Singapore does.

“I’m just looking forward to the day when I can finally go back to acting school and reunite with my friends.” – Gabrielle Ng, 19, Student

Students taking hands-on courses such as acting find it difficult to take classes from home. Photo Credit: Irfan Widayan via Unsplash


Travelling for work

“As I’m working as a marketing manager at Estil Furnishing, I’m planning to travel mostly for work-related purposes once travel restrictions are eased, mainly to China and Myanmar. I’m considering Germany or Italy as well.

“As someone who has to travel for work, I’d rather not risk my life…but some things require physical presence. For example, my company is looking at overseas expansion and having rep offices on the ground. I have to be there so that I can understand how to work with the locals overseas.

“Since I enjoy being immersed in local cultures, I look forward to being able to speak to my suppliers and my friends in those countries and have a nice meal together.

“My take is that people should put off travel unless it’s really essential. I will only travel [for leisure] once everything is almost back to normal. Hopefully, when a vaccine is in place, and the risk of contracting COVID-19 is really low.” – Darren Lim, 27, Marketing Manager

Travelling for essential activities or leisure may resume once the global COVID-19 situation improves. Photo Credit: You X Ventures via Unsplash


Adjusting to school life with safety measures

“I’ll be going back to Michigan, Ann Arbor, for my university studies at the end of August. Additionally, I’m also hoping to make trips to different states in the United States during school breaks or public holidays.

“As a precaution, I’ll wear my mask and bring along my hand sanitiser or antibacterial wipes whenever I am travelling.

“Things will definitely be different as compared to before COVID-19. I think there may be tighter safety and security measures. There will probably be temperature screenings everywhere – airports, grocery stores, university dorms, on-campus classes.

“I think there will also be lesser big group interactions within universities but I’m excited to meet and interact with new people, including the locals.” – Melanie Ong, 19, Undergraduate

Hand sanitisers and surgical masks might be the new must-haves while travelling. Photo Credit: Tai’s Captures via Unsplash


It’ll take some time before we can travel for leisure, but there are plenty of ways to keep ourselves entertained online while we stay home. Be patient and follow through the rules of the three post circuit breaker phases, so that the process of reopening our borders will go on smoothly!

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