WorldSKills Singapore Nationals 2016

Shirley Lee
Shirley Lee

Published: 2 November 2016, 3:35 AM

Welcome back Shirley!

I am literally welcoming myself. Year 2 was productive and so was Year 3. I was constantly showered with great opportunities that had changed my life. So much so as to overdraft this post for The Nimble Youngster’s Playground. I had last drafted this post since November 2, 2016. 2016, people!

Nevertheless, the best memories I had for Year 2 was creating a video that portrayed a story- prototype of real time signing and how a new friendship is created. During the final submission of the video, I received an email if I was interested in competing in Worldskills Singapore (WSS) Nationals in Web Design!

During the meeting with my mentor, I asked him why am I selected as my GPA was a low 3. 3.17 to be exact. He said he merely sent out emails and ask lecturers to recommend competitors. My name was among them.

I thought through for about two weeks before accepting this game changing invitation. I had never participated in this kind of competition before. The gold medalist of 2016’s will compete in international level in Abu Dhabi.

The first day of class, I reunited with Gervaise ( Congratulations to Ger on your achievements in Diploma with Merits! ) and met new friends. Little did I know, all of the rest of the participants are residents of the Director’s Lists since Year 1. Me? Residents of working and studying at the same time.

Then again, I went to interview Yong Jie! Silver medalist of World Skills Singapore 2016 from Nanyang Polytechnic! Congratulation!

Yong Jie shared with me how his interests in programming and animation and also taekwondo! Hai-ya! He has been working hard in both academic and on the “battlefields”. Before NYP, he had numerous competitions experiences which he has too brought glory to SST – such as, winning second place in a Buzzer Round in 2013 and following in the first place in 2014 for Astronomy.

Interview with Yong Jie:

Compare your experience with other competitions, what does WSS meant to you?

It meant a lot to me as WSS is a national competition.

Which is your most favorite award or competition?

WSS, all of us, including you, took hours of training both during and after school time.

**Yong Jie and Sherman Sng are the top 8 of WSS 2016- Web Design so they took a total of one year to train before the final competition.


What were your most favourite memories?

The award ceremony!

What have you learned in this competition?

The discipline behind the designs of websites and how it greatly affects the visual of the audience. And I appreciate the enthusiasm of the lecturer, Mr. Chan.

Okay.. it was my first time interviewing my friend and I went out of topic. Hahaha… *Cough cough**


Congratulation again for being the first person I know to be interviewed by me!


I did not win any title for this competition but I have the funniest mentors and new friends during the whole 6 months preparing for this competitions. I am still waiting for my “Most Humourous Student” Award. Even though I am still not sure who are the ones who have sent my names for WSS, I would give great thanks and gratitude to Madam Kang, Mr Boo, Mr Ang, Mr Ryan Lim and Miss Loy for the recommendation. I really have a grave feeling that Madam Kang was one of them who had sent in my name.



The transition from Year 2 to Year 3, I took in another challenge in SIA App Challenge 2016. I shamelessly joined in two of my juniors and participate in the second year of SIA App Challenge. We created a new idea and submitted for this competition. We went for many speeches and presentations and we totally enjoyed the free refreshments!

In the blink of an eye, it was time to be back in school. I was technically the only girl in my class. You know, guys calling you “big sister” when you are a five foot one and act like a 10-year-old. It is really cool. So relaxing in the class. More laughter to drama.

And then I have graduated. I did not manage to get into the university which I wanted to get in as my overall GPA was not up to their standard. I will not reveal the conversation with me and the admission office of the university. The abundant opportunities I have received are still increasing even under now.

During the phase of universities applications and giving up sponsorships as I would only want to get into that one university has taught me how test scores, a hindrance, can cause various obstacles (but for me is opportunities) which have definitely helped me to grow. Even though I was rejected and myself rejecting the others, I was still able to make quick decisions to other opening chances. Even if no one believes nor sees how a hard worker you are, do not mind them. At the end of the day, they would not earn anything. Do not waste your youth and time on them.

To end this post, I would like to share with every one of you that, I have grown up and this will be my last post for

Thank you for anyone of you who reads my articles since “I’m The Expert (ITE)” and then.

Yours Sincerely,


on 13 August 2017

P/S: I was not able to adjust to a lower quality of photos I have took for this blog post due to limitations. I am glad that I could end this session of my life proper.

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