With a broken right hand, this 30-year-old started his own vegan ice cream cafe

Goh Yong Wei is also a GrabFood rider and the president of the National Delivery Champions Association.

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Published: 13 October 2022, 12:22 PM

Many netizens were left inspired after Goh Yong Wei took to TikTok on Oct 6 to share the story of how he started his ice cream cafe, Heartbreak Melts. 

The video, which has amassed over 160K views and 300 comments, had many singing praises about the cafe owner’s positive spirit as he delved into the various hardships he faced over the years.

Yong Wei elaborated in the TikTok that he started his first business back in 2012 providing printing services, production and events management. Things took a turn for the worst when he failed to sustain his business after he “lost all his money”.

He moved on to becoming a GrabFood rider where he performed well and dubbed himself as “one of the best”.


Yong Wei started his stint at Grab in 2018. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM YONG WEI’S TIKTOK


There, he also had the opportunity to meet with Minister Ong Ye Kung, then-Minister of Transport, as well as Grab’s CEO.

However, Yong Wei’s world changed overnight when he met with a devastating motorcycle accident which left his right hand completely broken. Unable to move his fingers, he could no longer ride his motorcycle and was left “practically unemployable for almost a year”.


In Yong Wei’s words, the accident was the start of his long-term medical leave. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM YONG WEI’S TIKTOK


Knowing that he would need to find another source of income, Yong Wei shared that it was then he decided to learn how to make ice cream with just one hand. Despite not being culinarily trained, he relied on the YouTube tutorials he watched.

It was then that his vegan ice cream cafe, Heartbreak Melts, was born. Since then, he was “very glad that many people (supported him)”.

Besides sharing his experiences on TikTok, Yong Wei now gives insights into starting different kinds of businesses. On top of running Heartbreak Melts, he also champions for the rights of riders as the president of National Delivery Champions Association (NCDA) and is back with Grab as a GrabFood rider. 

In another TikTok video, Yong Wei reflects on his role at Heartbreak Melts with optimism although he still has to work with Grab to keep his business afloat.

“Now it is only the beginning, this is the tough part. If let’s say one day the business is successful, I will be very happy. I will be creating jobs for people, I’ll be doing social enterprise, I’ll be doing community work. If it’s not then (I will) continue to drive Grab.”

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