Wife of case 42 migrant worker thanks Singaporeans and frontline workers for support shown to family

She thanked all the medical professionals in Singapore for their tireless work to get him to where he is now.

Nigel Chin

The wife of the migrant worker who was Singapore’s COVID-19 case 42 has expressed her gratitude towards Singaporeans and the frontline workers.  

The migrant worker was moved into the general ward on Thursday (Apr 16) evening after spending more than two months in the intensive care unit. He was among the first five migrant workers in Singapore to contract the virus.

“I am overwhelmed and overjoyed that he is recovering and no longer needs the ventilator to breathe. I am thankful to all the medical professionals in both hospitals for their tireless work to get him to where he is now,” said the wife, who is based in Bangladesh, via a Facebook post on the Migrant Workers’ Centre Facebook page.

MWC added that the wife was in a “cheerful and happy” mood. She gave birth to, a baby boy in late March, with plenty of Singaporeans answering the call for donations from MWC and ItsRainingRaincoats, a social enterprise for migrant workers, to help the family out.

The organisation also thanked all the well-wishes and benefactors for their prayers and contributions during the worker’s time in hospital, on behalf of the family and the worker’s employers. It also singled out the medical professionals who took care of the worker for special praise.

“We want to record our deepest gratitude, respect and esteem for the medical professionals who have cared for our brother throughout his hospital stay and made his progress so far possible! Kudos to our wonderful doctors and nurses!” it said.

“In particular, we are inspired by Case #42’s fighting spirit throughout this lengthy ordeal and thank him for prevailing and getting better.”

Published: 17 April 2020, 12:46 AM

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