Why Tinder isn’t that bad after all

Reasons why you should give Tinder a second chance, or not.

Praise Yeo

Published: 5 April 2016, 12:00 AM

By now, you should be familiar with Tinder. It is the one-stop app that lets you chat, mingle, and to some, find your one true love.

Although some people label Tinder users as desperate and superficial due to its ‘swipe if you like how the profile looks’ system, we disagree. There are many things we ought to appreciate Tinder for.

Here are some reasons why Tinder isn’t that bad after all.

1. At least it isn’t like ‘Singles with Food Allergies’

You realise how fortunate you are to only have to tolerate Tinder when you find out about the other dating sites the world offers.

Meet Singles with Food Allergies, a quirky dating site that lets you meet someone who shares the same food allergies as you. Romantic, no?


Finding a partner with similar food allergies is no longer difficult.
Photo credit: SingleswithFoodAllergies


Do you break out in rashes if you touch an apple? Don’t worry! Your partner will not be off somewhere eating a forbidden fruit, or they’d break out in rashes too.

Doesn’t this sound just like paradise?

2. You get to reconnect with old friends. (Or your long lost siblings.)

When it comes to online dating, we often look for people that we can connect with and share things in common with. Well, so long as it isn’t sharing the same parents.

Business Insider reported that long lost siblings, 24-year-old Erik and 22-year-old Josephine, were reconciled after swiping each other’s profile.

The siblings chatted for a few days, even going to the extent of flirting, before Erik started to suspect that she was his long-lost sister. Thankfully, he recognised his sister before any saucy messages were exchanged.

And yes, the siblings were reunited.

3. People may love you for your “personality”

You will never know if your Tinder date looks like their profile photo, until you meet them. Since most Tinder profile photos are probably (heavily) edited, the people you chat with might actually grow to love your personality.

Recently, a friend of mine shared his experience on Tinder. He matched with a sweet looking girl who was interested in him too. After chatting for two weeks, they decided to meet for lunch. He took one look at her and stormed right out, as she looked nothing like her photos.

She later texted him to salvage the date, claiming that it was just a really old photo.


Expectation versus reality.
Photo credit: PINIMG


Although this backfired on her, don’t you dare give up. Keep trying, for there might be someone who loves your personality enough to overlook the fact that you look nothing like your profile picture.

Your inner beauty is your true beauty! Let no one tell you otherwise!

4. The “thrill” of meeting new people

I don’t mean it in a cliché way, but some people met a new community of friends with just one Tinder date. Like this guy who shared his Tinder horror story on ask.reddit.

His friend was invited to a birthday party by a girl met on Tinder. As more guys flooded the party, they soon realised that they were all invited to the party by the same girl from Tinder, so that her party would be well-populated.

What a brilliant way to make new friends!


The birthday party probably looked like this. How awkward.
Photo credit: @alardiupdates


See, Tinder really isn’t that bad after all, and maybe we ought to give Tinder a second chance. Maybe not to the extent of using the app… or downloading it.

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