Why more people should support green living

The costs of green living is nothing compared to the price we’ll pay in fifty years’ time when irreversible damage is done to the Earth.

Khalisa Zulkiflee

Creative writer and comedian on the side.

Published: 31 March 2021, 10:56 AM

While Singaporeans are generally more eco-conscious and aware of the climate change crisis, green living appears to be a luxury rather than a standard of living for some Singaporeans.

This is often due to the higher costs involved in green living. The average reusable straw is sold for $6 as compared to a $1 bundle of 100 plastic straws, and the alternative to a $2.60 roll of plastic cling wrap, is $16.50 beeswax food wraps.

The difference in prices can leave us doubting if we really need green purchases, but here are three reasons why we should still be supporting green businesses despite its high costs.


Using reusable straws and beeswax food wrap are some of the simplest ways to go green. PHOTO CREDITS: POLONA TANKILEVITCH AND NET ZERO CO.

1. It’s good for the environment

It goes without saying that the small pool for green businesses in Singapore are our ticket to a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. 

On a nationwide scale, the overall waste generated would be reduced greatly if every household purchases the eco-friendly alternative of a product that can last longer. This would mean less need for landfills along with less air and water pollution. 


Unpackt is Singapore’s first zero-waste grocery store. They are packaging-free and encourage their customers to buy only what they need. PICTURE CREDIT: THE HONEYCOMBERS


Green businesses also minimise the company’s strain on natural resources and contributions to climate change. For example, many grocery stores in Singapore are starting to go plastic-free. Unpackt, Eco.Le and The Source Bulk Foods are some of the stores that encourage shoppers to bring their own bags and containers, an initiative more of us can support. 

2. You can lead a healthier life

Often, we hear about being green is beneficial for the environment, but in many ways it is good for our health too.

One way that it makes us healthier is through fitness. When we opt to take public transportation or walk instead of taking the car, our fitness will improve. Walking as an exercise is definitely something that we can easily fit into our daily schedules, and it even helps us save money. 


Sigi Skin is one of the local skincare brands that uses natural and organic ingredients in their products. PHOTO CREDITS: SIGI SKIN


Going green is also good for our skin and hair. In organic cosmetics, there are plant elements such as vegetable oils, essential oils and natural perfumes as opposed to traditional cosmetics which have silicones, parabens and artificial perfumes. 

Organic and natural ingredients in eco-friendly cosmetics nourish your skin and hair with sustenance. For example, olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil and aloe vera keeps you moisturised and naturally hydrated. Some natural oils are also thought to be anti-aging.

3. The price of green living will decrease with our support

With a low demand for eco-friendly products coupled with small-scale productions, green companies do not get to enjoy economies of scale. Their products are thus high in costs. 

But when there is a bigger demand for green products than products that are non-organic, companies will have greater impetus to go green, leading to consumers eventually having more green alternatives in the market for a lower price. 

As consumers in a free market, we should thus motivate manufacturers to provide us with environmentally friendly products and services by increasing our demand for them. By exercising our purchasing power, we also create a fall in prices over time. 

Join the ever-growing community of environmental shoppers in purchasing from local eco-friendly brands and understand ways you can be a more sustainable consumer today! 

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