Why I switched from an Android to an iPhone after six years

Here’s how they compare.

Jeevana Kalaithasan

Obsessed with chocolate, TikTok and baking.

Published: 30 March 2021, 11:54 AM

Recently, I switched from a Samsung S7 to an iPhone 11. 

I got my first ever smartphone, a Samsung Ace, when I was 13. For six years, I always wanted to switch from an Android to an iPhone, because I liked how iPhones took better photos and looked “cleaner”. I also felt left out as many of my friends had iPhones. 

However, I could never make the switch due to financial reasons. 

Now that I finally own an iPhone, some have asked me if the switch was worth it. I do, and here’s why. 

Strong preference for the iPhone software

The aesthetic of the iPhone is a reason why I switched phones. 

With their colourful applications, Android phones have an animated, childish look. The iPhone however, has a clean aesthetic –- the applications’ design and layout have simple colours, usually black and white. 

Additionally, the emojis are extremely different. iPhone emojis look more sophisticated and polished than Android ones.


I think the minimalist look on iPhone’s WhatsApp application gives it a clean and organised feel. PHOTO CREDIT: WONDERSHARE


I also prefer the iPhone’s battery. 

Compared to Android, I feel that the iPhone charges faster and its battery lasts longer. 

My Android phone took about an hour or more to charge, while my iPhone takes less than an hour. I can also get through a whole day with just charging my iPhone once, but I had to charge my Android at least twice a day. 

The long-lasting battery is amazing because I hate waiting a long time for my phone to charge. When I had an Android, I needed to bring around a portable charger wherever I went, but now I do not need to.

Huge differences in their hardware

I love taking photos for Instagram, but I found that my Android’s camera quality did not measure up to the iPhone’s camera quality. As a result, I always envied my friends with iPhones as they could take amazing photos with their cameras’ superior quality. 

When I got my iPhone, I was amazed by its quality. The extremely clear photos got me excited to take pictures for Instagram.


Photos taken using my iPhone turned out sharper and clearer photos taken on Android phones. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/JEEVANA KALAITHASAN


However, the iPhone’s durability may be a problem for me, as I am clumsy and often drop my phone. 

In this case, Android’s durability was amazing for me –  no matter how many times I dropped my phone, it was still in perfect condition. At most, only my screen protector would crack. 


Replacing a cracked iPhone screen can cost $199 or more. PHOTO CREDIT: ANATOLII BABII VIA GETTY IMAGES


Even though I have not dropped my iPhone, I’ve seen what happens when it slips from a hand and crashes onto the ground – the screen crackly so badly that the display can hardly be seen. 

In a way, owning an iPhone has made me more careful with my phone. 

Personally, I think switching from an Android to an iPhone was worth it. The camera quality, aesthetic and long-lasting battery made the switch worth it for me. 

On the other hand, Android’s durability is amazing for those who – like me – are clumsy and tend to drop their phones often. 

While both phones have their flaws, I prefer the iPhone and will not be switching back to Android anytime soon. If you are looking to change your phone from Android to iPhone, I‘d say give it a try. 

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