White horse on a joyride brings smiles to Singaporeans

She ran around Eng Neo Ave and even visited a Shell station.

Justin Hui

Published: 6 April 2020, 12:42 AM

Social media erupted yesterday with news of a more humorous kind. A majestic white horse was seen running along a road in Singapore.

The 11-year-old horse, named Cocorita, escaped from Paisano Polo Academy at 4pm on Sunday, Apr 5. She was seen at a junction along Eng Neo Avenue, and even visited a Shell petrol station.

She was eventually found munching on some grass along Eng Neo Avenue by her handlers, within 20 minutes of her leaving the stable at Turf Club Road.

No one was hurt during the whole incident, including the horse.


The beautiful horse being led back to her stables after riding into the unknown. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/BEBE JOELLE


People were amused at the whole situation. Comments online joked that the horse was on a last minute supermarket run and on its way to top up petrol for more “horsepower”. Some even referenced the legendary “white horses” in the Singapore Armed Forces.

Most apt for the situation were comments about Cocorita going to work from home since Turf Club was closed.

We’re just glad everyone had a good laugh over this whole incident. Except for maybe the uncles and aunties who can’t buy 4D over this incident.

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