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What’s on Netflix Singapore this November

Choose from live action movies, sitcoms and reality shows!

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Published: 28 October 2022, 5:07 PM

The spooky season may have come to an end, but the fun certainly has not.

Featuring murderous students, workplace comedies and gothic families, here are five new bingeworthy additions to Netflix’s list of shows for November.

1. The Violence Action (2022)

The Violence Action tells the story of protagonist Kikuno Kei, a college student who works as a part-time assassin.

The Netflix original film is based off the original The Violence Action manga written by Shin Sawada.

Kei often collaborates with colleagues on missions, such as her boss, a driver with unnatural hair and a lone sniper.


Other manga like Assassination Classroom and Talentless Nana also focus on students who are secretly assassins. PHOTO CREDIT: IMDB


But her latest assignment may prove to be more challenging than expected, as Kei has to assassinate Terano, a yakuza money manager, while having a deranged hitman named Michitaka hot on her heels.

Viewers can catch The Violence Action on Netflix from Nov 18.

2. Run for the Money (Season 1)

If you enjoyed watching Squid Game or love reality television shows,  Season 1 of Run for the Money is likely something up your alley.

Hunters who dress up like they came from a Men In Black movie have to chase down 29 participants.

The longer the participants stay in the game, the more cash prizes they will win. If they are caught, they will be disqualified immediately and not be awarded any money.


Run for the Money is inspired by onigokko, the traditional Japanese game of tag. PHOTO CREDIT: NETFLIX


With hunters jumping out of planes, sailing on a cruise ship and hunting as a group, the series will provide constant suspense and action for viewers.

Season 1 of Run for the Money will be available on Nov 15.

3. Enola Holmes 2

Mystery buffs out there can look forward to the sequel of Enola Holmes.

Following in the footsteps of her famed detective brother Sherlock Holmes, Enola becomes a detective herself and opens her own agency, only to be thrown into a case involving a matchstick girl’s missing sister.

Racing against time, she has to call on her brother and friends for help while a deadly conspiracy ignites.


The Enola Holmes series is based on the young adult fiction series of the same name by Nancy Springer. PHOTO CREDIT: NETFLIX


Starring Millie Bobbie Brown as Enola, the Netflix original film will take viewers on an adventure through London’s sinister factories, the highest echelons of society and the familiar 221B Baker Street.

Catch the release of Enola Holmes 2 on Nov 4.

4. Blockbuster

Set in the world’s last remaining Blockbuster store in Oregon, Blockbuster explores what and who it takes for a small business to succeed.

The upcoming workplace comedy television series stars Randall Park as Timmy, the manager of the Blockbuster Video store.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans may recognise actress Melissa Fumero, who will play Timmy’s romantic interest in the series. PHOTO CREDIT: NETFLIX


Viewers should not be confused by the Netflix documentary with a similar title, The Last Blockbuster. Released back in 2020, The Last Blockbuster explored the business model and survival of the world’s last Blockbuster store.

Blockbuster will be available for viewing on Nov 3.

5. Wednesday

An odd, wealthy aristocratic clan who delights in all things macabre, the Addams family is definitely not your typical one.

Wednesday is the new prequel series of The Addam Family, with Tim Burton serving as director and executive producer.


Tim Burton is known for his gothic fantasy and horror films, such as The Nightmare before Christmas and Corpse Bride. PHOTO CREDIT: NETFLIX


Focusing on the only daughter of the Addams family, Wednesday features Wednesday Addams using her psychic powers to navigate relationship drama and solve supernatural mysteries – all while maintaining the gothic feel of the franchise.

You can stream Wednesday from Nov 23.

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