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What’s on Netflix Singapore in August 2023

Time to stream these exciting new additions to Netflix’s film roster!

Han Xinyi

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Published: 28 July 2023, 3:16 PM

Want to dive nose deep into documentaries about celebrities and artists, or take a nostalgic trip back to Japanese manga classics turned live-action adaptations? Here are five upcoming Netflix releases in August that may interest you:

1. Ragnarok: Season 3

Set in a fictional Norwegian town called Edda that is troubled by pollution and melting glaciers, the show reimagines Norse mythology and its tales if they persisted into the modern world.

It follows main protagonist Magne Seler – who is a reincarnation of Norse god of thunder Thor – and his friends as they try to fight back and protect his town against old evils.


Should Edda be unable to fight back in time, they may soon fall to an old evil called Ragnarok. PHOTO CREDITS: NETFLIX


In the upcoming third season, Magne’s fortitude is challenged as he is soon to face an ultimate trial in a final battle of gods against giants. 

Viewers can start streaming the new episodes on Aug 24 and watch as Magne prepares for the upcoming challenges while struggling to see between the blurred lines of good and evil.


The highly anticipated live action adaptation of popular manga series One Piece is coming to Netflix later this August.

Starring Iñaki Godoy as main character Monkey D. Luffy and Emily Rudd as Nami, the first season of this show will reenact the plot from the manga’s early chapters. Adorned with his iconic straw hat and red vest, he sets off on a voyage to become the king of pirates, all while accompanied by his crew.

Past and present fans of the series can watch a season’s worth of Luffy’s journey when ONE PIECE premieres on Aug 31.

3. Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop

Have you ever wondered how women stepped in and transformed the hip-hop scene to what it is today? This upcoming documentary looks into that while also sharing more about them through the women themselves.

In this limited docuseries, big and up-and-coming names like rappers Queen Latifah, Latto and Coi Leray appear to speak about the role women held in revolutionising the genre from past to present day.


Together with hip-hop writers and experts, the docuseries tells the tale of how women influenced its music scene and culture. PHOTO CREDITS: NETFLIX


Their commentary can be heard from Aug 9 onwards, which is when the docuseries will be premiering.

4. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Tired of life as a corporate slave and getting beaten around by his boss, 24-year-old Akira Tendo thought he would be trapped in a dull and monotonous routine when he finds himself in the middle of a zombie outbreak.

Instead of being scared for his life at the aspect of getting bitten by the undead, Akira is absolutely ecstatic at the aspect of no longer needing to go to work. He sees it as an opportunity for him to live life to the fullest while he still can (alive, that is).


Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is a live-action film that is adapted from the manga series of the same name. PHOTO CREDITS: NETFLIX


In this two hour-long brightly coloured film, viewers can follow Akira as he creates a list of “100 things I want to do before becoming a zombie”.

Following the hype train after the anime adaptation that was released in July 2023, Netflix is bringing the live-action film version to its streaming platform on Aug 3.

5. Depp V Heard

Remember how social media pages were filled with posts about the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard court case proceedings back in 2022? Netflix’s upcoming documentary Depp V Heard retells the infamous case a year after its occurrence.

The defamation case and its trials will be documented in a three-part series. It shows both sides’ defences and explores how the case’s heavy exposure in media influenced its proceedings, the “nature of truth” and its overall impact on our modern society.


The docuseries will also go into social media users’ reactions towards the court proceedings and its final results. PHOTO CREDITS: NETFLIX


According to Netflix, this is the first time that both testimonials are being shown “side-by-side”.

Those interested in revisiting this global media event can tune in on Netflix when the series premieres on Aug 16.

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