What’s new on Netflix Singapore in February 2023

Highlights include new seasons of Outer Banks and the You series.

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Published: 26 January 2023, 6:08 PM

Netflix is releasing a lineup of films, documentaries, and new seasons of popular series in the coming month. 

Grab some popcorn and head to the couch as we look forward to these five new Netflix treats in February! 

1. You: Season 4 Part 1

You is a Netflix original psychological thriller that centres around the main character Joe Goldberg’s extreme obsessive behaviours.


In the first season, Joe develops a toxic obsession using social media and other technology to track his lover’s presence and watch her in her house. PHOTO CREDIT: NETFLIX SINGAPORE


In the new season, Joe starts afresh in London and vows to bury the past and be his best self. 

But on the road to redemption, a new obsession starts to take hold.

This new part will drop on Netflix on Feb 9. 

2. Outer Banks: Season 3

This Netflix original series is an American action-adventure television series that first premiered in 2020. 

The series is set in a community in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and follows two groups of teenagers in the community that are in conflict with each other.


The show also focuses on the obvious social divide between wealthy residents and working-class locals who are called ‘Kooks’ and ‘Pogues’ respectively. PHOTO CREDIT: NETFLIX SINGAPORE


New adventures take the Pogues to the Caribbean and far beyond as the friends are pulled into a dangerous rival’s hunt for a legendary lost city.

Outer Banks: season three will be available on Feb 23. 

3. Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal

This Netflix original documentary is especially for those who are intrigued by murder mysteries. 

The Murdaughs were one of South Carolina’s most prominent families, but the death of teenager Mallory Beach in a drunken boating accident began the unravelling of their legacy. 

When Paul Murdaugh, the alleged driver during the boating accident, and his mother Maggie are found brutally murdered, a century of corruption, power, and cover-ups in the Low Country is brought to light.


This three-part series features first-hand accounts from those on the boat that fateful night. PHOTO CREDIT: NETFLIX SINGAPORE


Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal will be available on Netflix on Feb 22. 

4. Too Hot to Handle: Germany

Too Hot to Handle is a reality show hosted by a virtual assistant named Lana.  It revolves around a group of adults who engage in meaningless flings and are unable to form long-lasting relationships. 

This show follows the contestants as they go through various exercises without engaging in kissing, sexual contact or self-gratification. 


The prize money of $286,342 (€200,000) decreases every time a rule is broken. PHOTO CREDIT: NETFLIX


Want to catch the ten gorgeous singles in action? Too Hot to Handle: Germany is coming to Netflix on Feb 28. 

5. Love to Hate You

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with a K-drama centred around love? 

Whether you are watching alone or with a significant other, Love to Hate You will keep you on the edge of your seat! 


This story revolves around an unlikely pairing between an attorney and a movie actor. PHOTO CREDIT: NETFLIX SINGAPORE


For both the attorney who despises losing to men and an A-list actor who distrusts women, love means nothing – until they’re forced to date each other.

This K-drama love battle drops on Netflix on Feb 10. 

You can check out the full listing of upcoming titles coming to Netflix in February here.

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