What your dream says about you

The meanings behind your common dreams.

Megan Low

Published: 6 April 2016, 12:00 AM

Let’s be real, dreams can get pretty weird.

Sometimes, we dream of things so wild that they leave a lasting impression in our minds even after we wake up. Some say that dreams are a window to our subconscious, and many psychologists like Freud have been trying to decipher them for centuries.

Here are the meanings behind three common dreams, and what they say about you.

1. Teeth falling out

One of the most common dreams across cultures is of teeth falling out, rotting or breaking apart. The earliest interpretation is that it foreshadows death, perhaps of a close friend or family member.

Since then, there have been many different kinds of suggestions as to why so many people have this peculiar theme in their dreams.


Losing your teeth in your dream can be extremely jarring.
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One suggestion is that it represents the dreamer’s anxieties in losing control or power.

Losing your teeth means that you lose your ability to bite. In psychoanalytic theory, this means that you lose your defense and attack capabilities, in the most animalistic sense. (You cannot bite your attacker to protect yourself, and hence you are vulnerable.) You also lose your ability to eat, which is needed for basic survival.

The dreamer’s concern over their lack of power could be in relation to anything, such as their personal history. It could also be influenced by their lack of control in ageing, or feeling helpless in their current situation.

2. Being chased

This is another common dream that everyone must have had at least once. Usually, it stems from the dreamer’s fight or flight response.

What your dream means mostly depends on what you are being chased by. Is it a monster, a shadowy figure, or even someone you know?


Has this ever happened to you in a dream?
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Some psychologists suggest that these dreams occur as you are trying to avoid a problem, or an emotion that you are trying to repress, such as envy.

Whatever it is, your dream is probably trying to tell you that it’s time to stop avoiding something and face it!

3. Running in slow motion

Ever had one of those dreams where you tried to run, but no matter how hard you swung your limbs, they just couldn’t move at the speed you want them to?


This is what it usually feels like trying to run in a dream.
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According to a psychologist, there might be something that is holding you back in life. Legs are a symbol of the driving force that helps us move forward, so if they are not moving as fast as they are supposed to, there must be something that is preventing you from progress.

Another study suggests that your dreams are just happening in slow motion, and running slowly does not mean anything at all.

There is no universal interpretation for any dream, as a lot of it is influenced by the individual person’s psyche as well as external factors. This is not a comprehensive guide to dream interpretations, so feel free to interpret your dreams as you see fit!

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