What to watch On Disney+ Singapore this October

Black Widow, Coco, and Free Guy are some of the movies you can look forward to this month.

Charlotte Chang

You’ll never meet anyone who loves thriller movies more than her.

Published: 1 October 2021, 3:29 PM

Looking for your next Disney binge? Here are our recommendations for October.

1. Free Guy

While searching for his own path, Guy finds a love interest in a coder as well. PHOTO CREDITS: DISNEY+ SINGAPORE


Free Guy stars Ryan Reynolds as Guy, a bank teller who realises that he is a non-player character (NPC) in a video game. Upon this discovery, he decides to break free from the confinements of his character and rewrite himself to become the hero of his own story.

At the same time, his friends are on the verge of deletion by the game’s creator, and it is up to Guy to save them before it is too late.

Free Guy was released in Singapore theatres on Aug 12 and has grossed over $300 million worldwide.

2. Black Widow

Black Widow is the first female Avenger in the Marvel cinematic universe. PHOTO CREDITS: DISNEY+ SINGAPORE


Every day is a good day to celebrate women with Marvel’s first female-led movie, Black Widow

Starring Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff, the former KGB spy learns that her ex-handler General Dreykov is alive and out for her. While escaping from Taskmaster, she has to confront her past as a spy and mend the broken relationships left behind.

Black Widow premieres on Disney+ on Oct 6.

3. Coco

Disclaimer: visiting the Land of the Dead is not the most recommended family bonding activity. PHOTO CREDITS: DISNEY+ SINGAPORE


Celebrate your Halloween night-in with some classic family bonding time with Coco.

Young Miguel is an aspiring musician who wishes to pursue his love for singing despite his family’s ban on music due to an incident in the past. 

On the Day of the Dead, Miguel stumbles upon the grave of his grandfather and finds himself transported to the Land of the Dead where he meets the rest of his family. 

Together with a mysterious stranger named Héctor, Miguel embarks on a musical adventure to uncover the truth behind his family’s beliefs and traditions and learns that things are not always as they seem.

4. Only Murders in the Building

Ironically, a killer possibly walks among these true crime fans. PHOTO CREDITS: DISNEY+ SINGAPORE


Praised for their clever approach to true crime, fans of Only Murders in the Building can look forward to the season finale of this comedy.

Three neighbours, played by Steven Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez, obsessed with true crime find themselves wrapped up in one after a murder in their apartment building. The trio then decide to start a podcast together to investigate the truth behind the murder.

But as relationships develop and secrets are discovered, they learn that there may be a killer among them and scramble to seek out the truth before it is too late.

Catch the finale of Only Murders in the Building on Disney+ on Oct 19 2021.

The Lion King (2019)



Featuring Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, as Simba, and Beyoncé as Nala, The Lion King is a live-action adaptation of its 1994 counterpart made entirely using computer-generated imagery.

After the murder of his father King Mufasa, young Simba flees his kingdom and abandons the seat of future king. Years later, he meets the lioness Nala, and decides to return to take back the throne rightfully.

Both The Lion King (2019) and The Lion King (1994) are available on Disney+. 

Other Disney classics such as Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp as well as Pete’s Dragon are also reimagined in live-action adaptations. 

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18

As relationships develop, the characters begin to face their own set of struggles as well. PHOTO CREDITS: DISNEY+ SINGAPORE


Long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy returns with its 18th season. As they continue their COVID-19 storyline, Meredith faces her own personal struggles as she battles the effects of the virus herself.

All seasons of Grey’s Anatomy’s spinoff, Station 19, is now also made available on Disney+. Station 19 is set in the Seattle Fire Department and follows the personal and professional lives of the firefighters there.  

Catch Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy on Disney+ on Oct 13.

You can also expect action-packed movies and shows such as Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales, Marvel Studios Assembled episode 4, What if…? Finale and season five of 9-1-1, a series featuring first-responders in frightening and heart-stopping situations, or adventure documentaries including Lost Cities with Albert Lin: The Great Flood, Bob Ballard: An Explorer’s Life, Petra: Secrets of the Ancient Builders, and Out There with Jack Randall.

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