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What To Watch On Disney+ Singapore this June

Highlights include Marvel Studios’s ‘Ms. Marvel’ and Korean romance drama ‘Link: Eat, Love, Kill’.

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Published: 1 June 2022, 3:51 PM

Disney+ has upped its game this June, preparing a variety of new additions to the platform. From passionate Korean dramas to Marvel’s action-packed sequences, this month’s line-up will ensure that there is something for fans of every genre. 

Here’s a look at the shows you can expect in June. 

1. Ms. Marvel

Step aside Peter Parker, the newest teenage superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is in town. 

Ms. Marvel will dive into the life of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a 16-year-old Pakistani American from New Jersey who is riveted with the wondrous world of superheroes. 

As Kamala discovers her powers, she adopts the moniker of Miss Marvel. However, she soon realises that being a superhero is not as simple as it looks as she struggles to find a balance between donning the suit and being a student. 


The show will comprise six episodes and is part of Phase Four of the MCU. PHOTO CREDIT: DISNEY+


The series will set up the film, The Marvels (2023) which will see Vellani reprising her role as Kamala alongside her cast mates. 

Ms. Marvel is set to premiere on Jun 8 and will conclude on Jul 13. 

2. Link: Eat, Love, Kill

Korean drama fans will have yet another series to gush over with the inclusion of Link: Eat, Love, Kill

The show portrays the story of Eun Gye-Hoon, a Michelin Star chef who sets up a restaurant in the town where his twin sister disappeared 20 years ago.


The show will feature Hotel Del Luna’s Yeo Jin-goo as Gye-hoon and True Beauty’s Mun Ga-young as his love interest, Da-Hyun. PHOTO CREDIT: DISNEY+


Out of the blue, he begins experiencing sudden surges of emotion and realises that his feelings are entangled with those of a woman named Noh Da. The narrative unfolds as he starts to go through all of her joy, sorrow and pain together with her.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill will premiere on Disney+ on Jun 6. 

3. The Files of Young Kindaichi

Popular Japanese mystery Manga The Kindaichi Case Files is receiving a live-adaptation on Disney+. 

The series will explore the life of high school student Hajime Kindaichi, who is the grandson of famed detective Kosuke Kindaichi. 


The manga which the show is adapted from has over 100 million copies in circulation across 12 countries. PHOTO CREDIT: DISNEY+


While Hajime’s lax demeanour and laid-back nature are telling of an average high school student, he is actually incredibly intelligent with an IQ of over 180. 

The show follows his adventures as a private detective alongside his childhood best friend Miyūki Nanase and Inspector Isamu Kenmochi.

The live-action adaptation will premiere on Jun 1. 

4. Only Murders in the Building

Death comes knocking in Steve Martin and John Hoffman’s latest mystery series on Disney+. 

The show is set around the lives of three strangers (Steve Martin, Martin Shot, Selena Gomez) who find themselves embroiled in the mysterious death of Arconia Board President Bunny Folger. 


The series reunites Steve Martin and Martin Short who have been in five movies together. PHOTO CREDIT: DISNEY+


Suspecting foul play, the trio put their obsession with true crime to good use to investigate Bunny’s death. 

They start their own podcast to document their findings as they embark upon a journey to vindicate themselves of the crime, all while dealing with the antics of their neighbours who believe them to be the murderers. 

The 10-part series is set to premiere on Jun 28. 

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