What to expect at RSN community outreach event Navy@Vivo23

This year marks the event’s return since its last run in 2019.

Ong Chin Wen

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Published: 16 November 2023, 6:41 PM

Interactive exhibits, fast craft rides and live performances are some activities visitors can expect at Navy@Vivo23 happening from Nov 17 to 19.

The eighth edition of the event is themed Our Sea, Our Mission, Our Home, and aims to highlight the role the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) plays as a force for our maritime nation.

Here are what visitors can look out for at the Navy@Vivo23:

Shore exhibition

A free interactive exhibition will be located at Central Court, on the first floor of VivoCity. Various displays and booths in the exhibition aim to showcase the importance of the sea and the Navy to Singapore.

The shore exhibition is split into three zones:

Zone 1

The first zone will showcase how the seas are vital to our daily lives and why the RSN is committed to protecting our maritime nation.

In the Way Of Life Gallery, the exhibit will detail the benefits of maritime trade for goods like clothing and food.


This exhibit aims to educate on the reliance on sea trade for access to our daily necessities. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ONG CHIN WEN


In another part of the exhibit, there will be a display showcasing different global shipping routes from Singapore.

Visitors can also learn more about the importance of the sea to Singapore in the RSN Global Deployments exhibit. They can view a map showing the different countries that the RSN has conducted exercises and stationed at.


The map at the “RSN Deployments” exhibit can be navigated via a touch screen. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ONG CHIN WEN


Additionally, there will also be a wall for exhibition-goers to guess and identify different RSN ships.


Zone 2

The Submarine Interactive Experience, a new addition to Navy@Vivo,  is a main highlight in this zone.

Visitors can learn more about how underwater operations are conducted by taking part in  activities like the periscope simulator and guessing different sonar sounds emitted from the submarines.


The pericope simulator (left) and sonar sounds simulator (right) are along the inner wall of the ‘submarine’. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ONG CHIN WEN


Aside from the submarine exhibit, mixed reality simulators and games are also new activities at Navy@Vivo23.

Visitors can have a hands-on experience of driving an inflatable boat in the Ship Training Simulator.


The virtual simulator is similar to the ones used by the Navy for training. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ONG CHIN WEN


In Land the Helo, players can assist in landing a helicopter through the simulation game.

There will also be the return of the NDU Weapons Showcase, where members-of-the public can learn about the different weapons from the Naval Divers stationed at the area.

Besides the weapon showcase, an array of Navy equipment will also be up on display.


Zone 3

This zone will feature an Immersive Theatre, where visitors can watch a show depicting an RSN command centre during warfare.


The show includes immersive elements like lights and sound effects. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ONG CHIN WEN


Other exhibits in the third zone include the Well-Wishes Wall, where members-of-the-public can share their hopes for the RSN’s future.


The typed messages will then transform into ‘origami’ of different RSN vessels on the main screen. YOUTHOPIA/ONG CHIN WEN


There is also a What’s Your Story? booth where National Servicemen are encouraged to share and record their experiences related to National Service.

Ticketed Attractions

Visitors are required to present successfully ballot tickets for the Landing Ship Tank (LST) visit, Fast Craft Utility (FCU) ride and live performances. The ballot was previously held from Oct 9 to 22.

Additional tickets to these attractions are no longer available. However, those keen to visit can still observe the activities from a distance at the Promenade and amphitheatre.


Landing Ship Tank (LST) visit

One of the Navy’s largest ships, a Landing Ship Tank (LST) named the RSS Endeavour, will be located along the VivoCity Promenade.

The ship’s various facilities, including the cafeteria and the command centre known as the Bridge, will be open to ticket holders. There will also be a naval helicopter displayed on the RSS Endeavour’s flight deck.


The helicopter is known as the S-70B Seahawk Naval Helicopter. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ONG CHIN WEN


A ceremonial sunset will also be held aboard the LST from 6.20pm to 7.15pm on all three days of the event. During this time, Navy soldiers will carry out a ceremonial march amid the sunset.


Fast Craft Utility (FCU) ride

Members of the public with ballot tickets can get a chance to ride along Singapore’s southern coastline in the RSN’s Fast Craft Utility (FCU) platforms.


The fast craft ride will be an estimated thirty minutes long and starts from the ‘RSS Endeavour’.


During the ride, the FCUs will pass by maritime landmarks such as Tanjong Berlayer, Pulau Bukom, and the Keppel and Brani Container Terminals.


Live performances

At the VivoCity Amphitheatre, physical training showcases from the Naval Diving Unit will be held.

The Naval Diving Unit will demonstrate a physical training session using 80kg-boats. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ONG CHIN WEN


There will also be other performances by the SAF Central Band and SAF Music and Drama Company.

Individuals interested to visit Navy@Vivo23 can access the event’s website for details on the activities and for frequently asked questions.

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