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What to expect from IKEA’s new OBEGRÄNSAD collection, designed in collaboration with Swedish House Mafia

Pieces in the collection include shelving, desks and other accessories.

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Published: 21 October 2022, 6:06 PM

IKEA and Swedish House Mafia have teamed up on the OBEGRÄNSAD collection catered to  those who produce, perform or listen to music.

OBEGRÄNSAD means “unlimited” in Swedish, and the collection consists of over 20 home furnishing solutions for creating and listening to music such as LED work, wall and floor lamps, speakers and record stands.

IKEA said that the collection is built on Swedish House Mafia’s insights about the needs of those starting up their music or creative career.

OBEGRÄNSAD is designed as an affordable collection with a black aesthetic and “minimalist, sleek design” for technology used such as amplifiers to build an affordable home studio or music listening setup.

Here’s a look at some of the products to be featured in the OBEGRÄNSAD collection:


The classic IKEA Kallax shelves have been reimagined as the OBEGRÄNSAD shelving unit, with shelf space for amps as well as vinyl-sized block shelving and a higher unit height for mixing on. It is priced at $179.


The IKEA OBEGRÄNSAD shelving unit (Left) and OBEGRÄNSAD Record Stand (Right) PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA


IKEA will also release the OBEGRÄNSAD record stand, constructed with a simple wire structure to store records without concealing them. The record stand, priced at $9.90, can store around 60 vinyl records.

Desks and chairs

The centrepiece of a music creator’s setup is the desk and the OBEGRÄNSAD desk is designed with two speaker stands integrated into the desk in order to bring speakers to the user’s ear level. 

A pull-out shelf is also included under the desk for uses such as having a midi keyboard within easy reach while maximising shelf space.


The OBEGRÄNSAD desk is priced at $199. PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA


The collection also features a minimalist-styled armchair.


The OBEGRÄNSAD armchair is priced at $129. PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA


The chair comes with straps on the back and underneath that can be adjusted to alter the firmness of the fabric according to the user’s preference.


The collection includes three lights, being a table, floor and wall LED lamp designed to “bring an atmosphere to the workplace”. 

The floor lamp can be directed towards the wall or out into the room for different effects, and the wall lamp has five different unique lighting programmes and a loop of all programmes to create a virtual display.

The collection also features a wall clock, slippers and bags.


The OBEGRÄNSAD bag is priced at $4.90 . PHOTO CREDIT: IKEA


Other accessories include a cushion cover, rugs and slippers.

The collection will be released in Singapore IKEA stores from Oct 27.

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