What to expect at Titus Low’s new gelato cafe OnlyCreamery

The cafe in Chinatown is open daily from noon to 11 pm.

Ernest Cheng

Has an unhealthy obsession with iced lemon tea.

Published: 9 September 2022, 5:45 PM

Titus Low has recently unveiled his latest business venture – gelato cafe OnlyCreamery on Sep 6.

Nestled in a quaint street in Chinatown, the cafe’s name is a cheeky reference to subscription-based platform OnlyFans where Titus first gained popularity.

Youthopia headed down to OnlyCreamery on its opening week to try out some of its gelato ice-cream.


The cafe is set up in collaboration with the people behind Hundred Acre Creamery, a well-known gelato cafe in Clementi. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ERNEST CHENG


OnlyCreamery’s menu includes a wide variety of cafe mainstays – ranging from the many gelato flavours to tea, coffee and even fresh bakes like their dark chocolate lava cake. 

It offers either a rosemary cone or one out of two waffle flavours to go along with the gelato.


The interior of the cafe dons a vibrant theme, featuring many bright, eye-catching colours that create a youthful vibe. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ERNEST CHENG


OnlyCreamery’s coconut pandan waffle was a welcome alternative to the mainstream Belgian waffles sold at most cafes. 

The waffle was crispy and fluffy while carrying a chewy mochi-like texture. It was well complemented by the caramel sauce, which had a rich caramelized flavour to it. 


The dark, nutty taste did get overpowering after a while, but having it with the waffle helped to balance out its flavours. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ERNEST CHENG


We picked out four flavours from OnlyCreamery’s assortment of colourful gelato ice-cream. 

The Rocher sorbet provides customers with a delightful cocoa flavour, which tastes similar to the popular Ferrero Rocher chocolate. It is packed with little chunks of chopped hazelnuts that add a satisfying crunchy texture to the sorbet.

OnlyCreamery’s Madagascar Vanilla & Biscoff brings a rich milky flavour with a refreshing melt-in-your-mouth feeling at the end. Again, the Biscoff bits were a welcome complement to the gelato, but they could have been served more generously.

The Strawberry Cheesecake & Biscoff proved to be a hit. The sorbet was wonderfully smooth, doing a good job of mimicking the taste of an actual cheesecake. This went along well with the small strawberry wafers lightly dispersed throughout the scoop, adding a sweet, tangy touch to the sorbet.

Besides that, it also contained small sprinkles of Biscoff crumbs that brought soft notes of cinnamon. Overall, the sorbet was surprisingly light on the palette and not too sweet.


The tropical fruity flare carried by the Banana Peanut Butter sorbet is the star of the show. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ERNEST CHENG


The Banana Peanut Butter – an iconic ice-cream combination – did not disappoint. It presented a creamy, caramelised banana base, paired with chunky peanut butter bits.

Each scoop of sorbet costs $5, while premium flavours come at an extra $1. Double scoops cost $9.

OnlyCreamery is located at 36 Temple Street, Chinatown Point, Singapore 058581, and is open daily from noon to 11pm.

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