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What to expect at Singapore’s biggest pet fair from Nov 25 to 27

PetExpo 2022 will include an adoption drive and a dog obedience competition.

Farhana Subuhan
Farhana Subuhan

Published: 22 November 2022, 12:51 PM

PetExpo will be returning from Nov 25 to Nov 27 after a two year hiatus, boasting over 100 brands from 80 exhibitors.

Spanning 7,000 sq m at the Singapore Expo, the pet fair aims to unite pets and pet lovers into a vibrant space to gather, play and learn as a community.

Visitors can look forward to seeing 100 bichons in one place in an attempt to enter the Singapore Book of Records and showcases featuring British Shorthair cats, rabbits and terrapins. It will also provide ample opportunities for fur parents to interact with owners of the same breed and to share insights and tips to looking after their pets.

With other exciting activities lined up for visitors, here is what one can do this weekend at the PetExpo:

Adoption drive

Visitors who want to return home with a fur baby can look forward to a range of animals that will be put up for adoption including cats, dogs and bunnies.

Similar to previous runs, the adoption drive at the PetExpo hopes to emphasise on the importance of giving pets a second chance to find their forever homes.

As owning a pet is a big commitment and requires care and dedication, the Animal Welfare Group (AWG) will have screening processes in place to safeguard the welfare of the newly adopted animals. They will also ensure that the new homes are best suited for the animal’s needs.


The adoption drive will have staff and volunteers to help visitors make an informed decision about adoptions. PHOTO CREDIT: PET EXPO SINGAPORE 2019


There will also be an exhibition to educate potential adopters on responsible pet ownership and guidelines on adopting a pet.

Talks and workshops on pet nutrition and rehabilitation

PetExpo will host a series of talks and workshops by experts to focus on common problems that pet owners face.

These talks will allow visitors to gain knowledge and practical skills in providing the best quality of life for their pets. They can also learn more about their pet’s nutritional needs and how diet plays an integral role in addressing certain skin problems through sharing sessions by pet nutritionists.


PetExpo will also showcase how veterinary consultations have evolved since the pandemic. PHOTO CREDIT: PET EXPO SINGAPORE 2019


Additionally, visitors who are keen to learn more about pet rehabilitation and how they can improve the way of life for their pets can attend talks by Dr Sara Lam of RehabVet.

Dog competitions

On Nov 27, visitors can watch adorable dogs getting crowned at PetExpo 2022 as pet groomers will be vying for the top spot in the FCI Grooming Competition by The Singapore Kennel Club (SKC).

In addition, the furkids will also be competing for the podium by exhibiting their best skills and abilities at the PetExpo’s Dog Obedience Competition by Waggies.

The PetExpo 2022 will take place at the Singapore Expo Hall 6 from Nov 25 to Nov 27. Entry is at $5 per day and free for children under 12. Physical tickets will be sold at the door on these dates.


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