What to expect at Jewel Changi Airport’s new health and wellness centre

The Minmed Wellness Collective concept outlet combines healthcare, lifestyle and fitness together to create an immersive wellness experience for its clients.

Han Xinyi

Still doesn’t understand how the kopi c, o, kosong system works.

Published: 5 June 2023, 6:11 PM

A new health and wellness centre landed in Jewel Changi Airport on Friday (Jun 1), offering both health screenings and fitness classes.

Named Minmed Wellness Collective, it is managed by healthcare provider Minmed Group. I paid the centre a visit on its grand opening to find out more about its offerings.

One of the main features of this concept clinic is rhythm cycling classes, which takes participants to Jewel’s iconic HSBC Rain Vortex to partake in a 45-minute spin class equipped with a view.

Each class has a total of 35 slots, and comes with a set of headphones for participants to both listen to music and hear the instructor teach the class loud and clear.

Participants are also encouraged to come in athleisure, which was something I fitted myself in for the session.

As a complete novice to the spin class game, the class definitely challenged my endurance and stamina after having put off exercising for months.

Before the class began, I was provided with a pair of specialised shoes that clip into the spin bike and made it easier to cycle without my feet slipping off. The headphones were connected to the instructor’s music playlist and headset, where she could voice out instructions to all class participants without raising her voice.

The instructor also encouraged everyone ahead of time to keep up with the class as much as possible but to prioritise one’s own body and personal pacing.

The session first started out with warmups before and it proceeded to a series of cycle workouts that slowly increased in speed and intensity. We were also instructed to alternate between speeds, be it through adjusting the spin bike’s settings or shifting one’s riding position.

Not only do the workouts train one’s legs and core, it also trains one’s arm muscles too. One portion of the lesson required us to grab a pair of 1kg weights for a cardio strength workout, and it was a little challenging to maintain a consistent cycling speed while holding the weights up.

Sessions are held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Shiseido Forest Valley – right in front of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall – and cost $28 per class.


Minmed Group, the healthcare organisation that runs Minmed Wellness Collective, also operates two rhythm cycling studios outside of their Jewel Changi Airport concept outlet. PHOTO CREDITS: MINMED WELLNESS COLLECTIVE


Aside from rhythm cycling, Minmed Wellness Collective also offers yoga, barre and pilates classes, which are held at Jewel’s Canopy Park. Classes take place from Wednesday to Sunday, between 8am to 10am. Each session also costs $28.

If you take the escalator three stories up, you will find yourself at Minmed Wellness Collective’s health screening centre that provides “redefined healthcare services”.

I had a peek at the centre’s facilities which included mammography, radiology and ultrasound rooms.

Aside from those, there are a variety of other physical health screenings and checkups that can be selected from the centre’s packages, on top of the usual health consultations.

Each health screening package is named after popular cities, such as Beijing, Tokyo and New York.

The health screenings offered are curated for things like blood pressure, colour vision, iron levels and kidney functions. Prices start at $200 for the Tokyo package, $300 for the Beijing package, $500 for the Paris package, $700 for the London package, and $1,000 for the New York package.


Clients will be seated in a screening cabin reminiscent of first-class suites typically found on airlines. GIF CREDITS: YOUTHOPIA/HAN XINYI


There are also separate rooms that clients may use for height, weight or heart rate monitoring purposes.

One of which even allows clients to undergo a Treadmill Stress Test that helps monitor their heart rate in and out of exercising.

According to Minmed Wellness Collective, non-fasting health screening results can be generated as quickly as the very next day. Follow-up consultations will be done online to provide clients with a swift and convenient service while reducing contact.

With the Minmed Connect app, teleconsultations can also be made should anyone feel unwell and would prefer to contact a doctor or dietician online than physically.

Minmed Wellness Collective is located in Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Bldvd, #04-209. It operates from 9am to 9pm daily, and more details about the centre can be found on Minmed’s website.

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