What sports, physical exercises and activities are allowed from Aug 10

Sport Singapore has released new guidelines for the Preparatory Stage, as COVID-19 measures ease from Aug 10.

Khalisa Zulkiflee

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Published: 10 August 2021, 12:39 PM

As Singapore moves into the Preparatory Stage, the first of the four-stage road map to transition Singapore towards a future where COVID-19 becomes endemic, new guidelines on sports and physical activities will take effect.

From Aug 10, more activities can be resumed. 

Under Sports Singapore’s guidelines, fully-vaccinated individuals will be able to participate in group activities of up to five people unmasked. Unmasked indoor activities are prohibited if any of the members are not fully vaccinated. 

Sports facilities that implement vaccinated-differentiated safe management measures have to conduct checks on vaccination status of staff and visitors. They will also have to ensure that fully-vaccinated individuals participating in indoor unmasked activities do not intermingle with others at all times, including in common areas such as toilets and changing rooms. 

Here are some common questions you may have regarding the new easing of measures for sports, physical activities and exercises. 

What are vaccinated-differentiated Safe Management Measures?

Fully-vaccinated individuals who are better protected against infection and severe illness are allowed to participate in higher-risk activities such as unmasked activities taking place indoors. 

Unvaccinated individuals with a valid negative result on a Pre-Event Test taken within 24 hours at a medical service provider approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH), and recovered COVID-19 patients may join the group of vaccinated individuals.

Is swimming allowed?

Yes. You may swim as an individual or in a group of up to five people including yourself.

Are games such as basketball, badminton, table tennis and football allowed?

Yes. In groups of no more than five players, these games are permitted. However, there cannot be cross-mixing or cross-playing between the groups. For example, ball games with two teams of five players are not allowed. 

What’s the maximum number of people who can exercise in a group?

Physical activities of a social nature without an instructor or coach will be limited to five people. 

Large outdoor classes in public spaces such as parks that are registered with Sports Singapore are allowed to continue. 

Classes or programmes with up to 50 participants in groups of five can take place. For indoor unmasked activities, 30 fully-vaccinated participants are allowed.

What is the safe distancing required during exercise?

A 2m distance should be kept between persons doing general physical activities, while a 3m distance should be kept between persons indoors in high intensity or high movement exercise classes. Groups in classes or programmes should not mingle at all times.

What’s the maximum number of people that sports facilities can admit?

Sports and recreational facilities may admit up to 50 people at once, or a maximum number of people according to its gross floor plan based on 10sqm per person. 

Large complexes or multi-function premises such as country clubs may treat different parts of their building as separate facilities if they have physical barriers that do not permit intermingling. Trace-Together Safe Entry or Safe Entry Gateway should be implemented at each of these facilities. 

Common equipment can be used by all in outdoor facilities. However, vaccinated-differentiated safe management measures will be implemented for usage of common equipment in an indoor facility. Vaccination status of all individuals will be checked upon entry.

Can high-intensity classes take place indoors?

Yes. High-intensity classes such as martial arts and combat sports can be held indoors with unmasked participants if vaccinated-differentiated safe management measures are in place. 

What sports events are permitted?

Sport events such as spectator sport events, mass participation sports events and sports competitions and tournaments will be allowed to take place as well. 

Not more than 500 fully-vaccinated spectators in zones of 50 individuals will be allowed in spectator events such as Singapore Premier League Football. The limit will be raised to 1000 fully vaccinated spectators from Aug 19 onwards. 

Mass participation sport events such as triathlons, mass runs and open water swims can proceed with 500 fully-vaccinated participants in waves of 50 individuals. From Aug 19 onwards, this limit will be raised to 1000 participants if all are vaccinated. 

Sports competitions and tournaments involving timed matches or head-to-head matches with multiple heats or qualifying rounds may proceed as long as they do not exceed 50 persons in each facility at any one time.

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