Weekly new dengue cases at 1,258, likely to surpass the highest number in 2020 this June

The largest dengue cluster is at Cheng Soon Crescent with over 500 cases recorded.

Kassandra Kasman

Waiting for a Winnie-the-Pooh and Vampire Diaries crossover.

Published: 22 June 2022, 1:07 PM

The total number of weekly dengue cases recorded between Jun 12 to Jun 18 fell to 1,258, a slight decrease of 208 cases from the previous week ending Jun 11.

This brings the total number of dengue cases in the week ending Jun 18 to 15,853.

Even though there is a decrease in the number of cases recorded, the National Environmental Agency (NEA) warns that the weekly number of dengue cases is still expected to surpass the highest weekly cases of 1,787 in 2020.

There are also 373 active clusters with 133 having the red alert as of Jun 20. Cheng Soon Crescent is currently the largest dengue cluster with 511 cases, followed by Woodlands Avenue 9 with 379 cases.

NEA urges all residents to take urgent action to break the chain of disease transmission by removing stagnant water and potential mosquito breeding habitats by doing the Mozzie Wipeout  ‘B-L-O-C-K’ steps regularly.

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