Ways you can add a fun twist to Among Us

From hide and seek to colour mixing, here are four new ways you can play Among Us with your friends.

Shannon Kuan

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Published: 19 October 2020, 3:59 PM

By now, you should be very familiar with the multi-coloured anthropomorphic creatures from the popular game Among Us. 

The sci-fi murder mystery game that hones your problem solving and deception skills has the ability to make or break friendships. From throwing suspicions around and lying in order to win, it leads to a lot of betrayal, confusion, and playing the blaming game.


Players can choose from 12 colours to design their character. PHOTO CREDIT: u/CUSTARDTARD VIA REDDIT


As with almost every other game, Among Us comes with settings and features that players can play around with. Be it player speed and vision, how soon imposters can murder again after the first kill, and the duration they have to discuss, everything is in their hands.

The original way to play Among Us is definitely thrilling. But by tweaking these settings, you can create all new ways to play!

Here are four different ways you can spice up your gameplay:

1. Hide and Seek

Everyone has probably played this game in their childhood years, but how do you play it virtually? Well, here are the rules! 

Crewmates will be the ‘hiders’ while imposters are the ‘seekers’. In order for the crewmates to win, they have to complete their tasks (they will only have one or two) as fast as possible while not getting found and killed by the imposters. Meanwhile, imposters have to try to take out every last crewmate before they can complete their tasks.

Here comes the twist: No one is allowed to report any dead bodies they find or call an emergency meeting. Imposters have no kill cool down, allowing them to murder on sight. Imposters are also allowed to sabotage lights before the game starts and no one is allowed to fix it.


If you see the seekers kill someone in front of you, just hope that you can run away fast enough. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITCH.TV/SYKKUNO


Of course, different variations of this mode can be added or tweaked depending on preference. But the main aim of this hide and seek mode is no longer about deception or detective-work. Just focus on chasing and hiding.

2. Confusing Pronouns

A quick grammar lesson in case anyone forgot: Pronouns are words that refer to a participant in the discourse, such as ‘she’, ‘I’ and ‘anyone’.

Before entering a game, players can edit their names which will be displayed above their character’s heads. By giving each player a specific pronoun, players can only refer to themselves as the pronoun they’ve been named, and refer to other players by their pronoun.

For example, if Player A is dubbed ‘You’, and saw Player B named ‘Me’ vent, Player A is only allowed to announce “You saw Me vent!” instead of the usual “I saw Player B vent!”

This game mode further adds to the confusion of a normal Among Us game but is also sure to bring forth endless laughter with friends.

3. Colour mix

The premise of this mode is relatively simple. Game settings remain the same, but players will have to name themselves after a different colour from their character.

This way, player colours and names are mixed up, and pointing fingers during discussion time becomes way more chaotic.


There is added confusion to voting and the killers can cause more chaos. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITCH.TV/SLIMECICLE


Speaking of which, I’m sus of Pink! Wait, I mean Green… hang on, was that their name or colour?

4. Monochrome

Before I get into it, this mode is absolutely ridiculous and nearly impossible to source out the imposters. It is sure to either make your sides hurt from laughter, or your head hurt. But play it with the right people and it’s guaranteed fun.

Among Us is a very visual-based game. Characters tend to be defined by their colours instead of their names, as names aren’t visible during the actual game, but only pop up when a meeting is called.

This means that during the game, players have to rely on character colours to correctly identify the people nearby the scene.

So what’s one way to make the game more challenging? Make everything black and white.


An added difficulty would be to make every player have the same name so it’s harder to discuss who to vote out. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTUBE/VANOSSGAMING


While this isn’t an available mode in the actual game, users can fiddle with the settings on their phone or PCs, depending on which medium they use to play, and change their entire display to Grayscale.

With that done, it is almost impossible to decipher which colour had vented, killed or faked a task. The only noticeable difference is the monochrome shade differences between dark and light colours.

If you do try this game mode, good luck!

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