Ways to have a fruitful Valentine’s Day even without a partner

Feb 14 isn’t solely to celebrate romantic love - platonic and familial love between friends and family can be celebrated too!

Shannon Kuan

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Published: 10 February 2021, 12:19 PM

Love is in the air! And with that, brings happy couples going out on dates while those without a significant other treat Feb 14 like any other regular day.

But Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance. It is also about celebrating other forms of love, such as the ones you share between your friends and family.

For all the singles out there, fret not! Here are some ways you can celebrate and show appreciation this Valentine’s Day.

1. Treat your family out for a nice meal

The moment you are born into this world, the first love you experience is probably one from your parents. And as you grow, they care for you throughout and love you endlessly.

In appreciation of what your parents have done for you, you could bring them out for a nice meal at a place they like. Or if you have siblings, nothing’s more wholesome than some sibling bonding time.

Give back the love you got from your family members this Valentine’s Day!

2. Send flowers and small gifts to your close friends

Just because you don’t have a partner doesn’t mean you can’t give flowers or presents.

Showing your appreciation to your friends by surprising them with a single fake rose may seem like a small insignificant gesture, but could mean a lot to them.


Did you know that yellow roses symbolise friendship and care, while red roses are a sign of love and passion? PHOTO CREDIT: DEBBY HUDSON VIA UNSPLASH


Instead of giving presents, you could also send your friends a message or write them a letter in appreciation of your friendship.

After all, everyone enjoys the feeling of being surprised with a heartfelt gift.

3. Go on a date with your single friends

Who says dates have to be between two individuals romantically interested in each other? Friends who love each other platonically can go out together too.

If you have friends who you know are spending Valentine’s Day alone as well, try asking them out on a friendship date and maybe go to the beach, cafe hopping, or explore obscure locations and take photos.

Go on a friendship date and relish in the company of your friends. You don’t need a significant other to feel loved!

4. Share the love with your furry friends

Own any pets? Animals need appreciation too!

Repay the unconditional love your pets have shown you by spending a day showering them with attention and care. You could give them a little pet spa and massage, buy them new toys, or treat them to some special pet-friendly snacks.


Try baking pet-friendly desserts for your furry friends to enjoy. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK.COM/BARKING GOOD


While animals do not understand the concept of Valentine’s Day, it will definitely make them happy and help you feel a little less alone.

5. Have a self-care day

Personally, I find the most important kind of love to be self-love. Some even say that in order to learn how to accept love from others, you need to first learn how to love yourself.

Dedicate this day to yourself by taking yourself out on a date. Cook your favourite dish, spend time on a hobby you enjoy and maybe even buy yourself something that you had your eye on for a while.


There’s nothing wrong with watching a romance movie by yourself! PHOTO CREDIT: MOLLIE SIVARAM VIA UNSPLASH


Being single doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and have fun in your own way. Spend this day giving thanks to your loved ones and loving yourself.

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