Warm weather expected to continue throughout rest of April

The total amount of rainfall this month is also expected to be below average over most parts of the country.

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Published: 18 April 2023, 12:26 PM

Singapore is expected to continue facing warm weather throughout April, announced the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) on Monday (Apr 17).

The weather will likely remain as it was during the first half of this month, where the maximum temperature was above 34 degrees Celsius on most days. 

For the next two weeks, daily maximum temperatures could potentially reach between 34 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius on days with less cloud cover.

Overall, near average rainfall can be expected for the second half of April 2023, while the total rainfall for the month is likely to be below average over most parts of the island.

According to MSS’s climate station statistics, the long-term statistics for the average rainfall during April is approximately 164.3 mm, while the average number of rain days is 15. 

During the first fortnight of this month, thundery showers developed over parts of the

country on most days due to strong heating of land areas. On a few occasions, the showers extended into the evening.

On Apr 1, large-scale convergent winds in the surrounding region brought heavy thundery showers over parts of the island in the afternoons and evenings. 

The rain was the heaviest over the eastern part of Singapore, specifically around the Changi area, where 90.4mm of rainfall was recorded. That was the highest daily total rainfall for the first fortnight of this month. 

The highest daily maximum temperature was a staggering 36.1 degrees Celsius, recorded on Apr 14 at Woodlands. 

Those looking to get more updates on the daily weather forecast can visit the MSS website, NEA website or download the myENV app.

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