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Void deck hangout, PMD gatherings are top activities for youth circuit breaker offenders

Most of the offences occurred between 11.30pm to 5am.

Nigel Chin

Published: 7 May 2020, 9:40 PM

While most Singaporeans adhered to the circuit breaker measures by staying home most of the time and only heading out for essentials, a minority have flouted it.

According to relevant authorities, more than 700 offenders caught between 12 and 27 April were aged below 25 years old.

Under circuit breaker measures, individuals from different households, regardless if you are a family member or not, are prohibited from gathering or coming into close contact with each other. Everyone has to wear masks whenever they head out too.

However for some youth offenders, the announcements of the circuit breaker measures seem to have fallen onto deaf ears.

Most of the youths were caught gathering in groups at void decks without wearing masks.

There were also other offences such as riding their personal mobility devices on the road in groups, or even gathering at the foot of a housing block to repair their motorcycles together.

Most occurred between 11:30pm to 5am.


There have also been instances of safe distancing ambassadors and enforcement officers who have faced some offenders who refused to comply.

Earlier this week, a man was arrested and charged with attempted murder for after he allegedly stabbed a NParks safe distancing ambassadors. There was also the case of the lady at Shunfu market who did not wear a mask and was charged with being a public nuisance and violating COVID-19 measures.

As the May school holiday starts, here’s a reminder that those caught flouting the safe distancing measures will have to pay a $300 fine immediately. Second time offenders will get a $1,000 fine and may even be charged in court.

While some Singaporeans have to sacrifice and leave their homes for essential job areas, the rest of us must continue to stay the course and see this circuit breaker out. Only then are we able to keep ourselves and Singapore safe.

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