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Video series explores day-to-day lives of industry professionals in Singapore

Called A Day in The Life, the video series launched on National Youth Council’s website On My Way provides a glimpse of what a typical day is like for various job roles.

Jovi Lee

Published: 9 June 2021, 4:48 PM

There is a wide range of job opportunities out there and the sheer abundance of choices may make it hard to evaluate your career options.

Career choices shouldn’t be decided on a whim, and rightly so, given the impact it will have on your life. These decisions should be made only after careful consideration but to do so, one would need to understand more about the job’s role and responsibilities. 

This is where A Day In The Life, a video series about how a typical day looks like for professionals in different jobs, can help. 

Hosted on the National Youth Council’s On My Way website, the series provides a detailed yet intimate look into a typical day of various job roles, ranging from civil engineers to game designers.

The series helps to answer burning questions one might have, such as whether a civil engineer works at construction sites all the time, or if a game designer plays video games all day long. 


Public relation managers often have to attend to sudden and urgent tasks, making their days unpredictable yet exciting. PHOTO CREDITS: NATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL, ON MY WAY (OMW)


Apart from clearing common misconceptions, the series also finds out lesser-known facts about the job scopes. 

The industry professionals also share the steps they have taken to get to where they are in the videos. From the certifications required to be an architect, to the education one needs before heading into investment banking, the series will provide you with a better idea of the education pathways to consider,  as well as the opportunities to seek out to prepare yourself for your dream career. 

If you are curious about what motivated the professionals to head into their industry, then you’re in for a treat. The series also touches on why the professionals are doing what they are doing, as well as what they find enjoyable about their jobs.


The pathway to becoming a certified architect is longer than most would expect. PHOTO CREDITS: NATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL, ON MY WAY (OMW)


There are currently over 50 videos in the series, with more to be expected soon – you are sure to find something that interests you! 

Kick start your career exploration journey by watching the videos and figuring out what kind of career suits you. If you’re craving more, then join the OMW Telegram group for future updates and the latest career and education guidance related resources and events! 

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