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New uniquely shaped Cascatelli pasta works well with any type of sauce

The new pasta shape was created by Dan Pashman to meet his “sauceability”, “forkability” and “toothsinkability” requirements.

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Published: 5 April 2021, 2:03 PM

For all pasta lovers that are getting bored with the same pasta shapes, here is a new one for you to try out – introducing Cascatelli

Imagine the perfect pasta shape, being able to thrive with different kinds of sauces, making every bite satisfying. Writer Dan Pashman has made it possible with his invention of Cascatelli.

Cascatelli, or waterfall in Italian, is described by Pashman as a “short, flat strip with a bump on one side and two ruffles sticking out the other side” that resembles flowing water when held vertically.  

He created the pasta to satisfy his three key requirements – “sauceability,” “toothsinkability” and “forkability.”  


Cascatelli is a pasta shape that is suitable for any sauce, and is easy and satisfying to eat. Photo credits: SFOGLINI


The inspiration for Cascatelli came up almost three years ago, when Pashman was bored of the standard pasta shapes. This became the key motivation for him wanting to create a pasta that could stand the test of time. 

With his lack of cooking experience, Pashman then teamed up with American pasta maker, Sfoglini and documented his progress turning his pasta into a reality.  

However, creating the perfect pasta shape was more difficult than expected and Cascatelli was only created after three years of trial and error. In addition, he had to create a mold of his pasta so that it could be sent for mass production, but there was only one man in America who creates pasta molds. 


Pashman had bought, ate, and studied all kinds of pasta to come up with Cascatelli. Photo credits: SFOGLINI


Pashman is satisfied that his pasta covers all his requirements, especially since he believes that “the right angle is the key to what makes this shape different.” He mentioned that very few pasta shapes have the right angles which is what makes Cascatelli stand out from others. 

Readers who are interested in getting the pasta can order it via Sfoglini here

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