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Unique Chinese New Year snacks to surprise your friends and relatives with

It’s out with the old flavours, and in with the new!

Shannon Kuan

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Published: 1 February 2021, 5:09 PM

When it comes to house visits for Chinese New Year (CNY), snacks are an absolute must-have. In fact, almost every household will offer the classic love letters, bak kwa, pineapple tarts or dried shrimp crackers.

But if you’re looking for something different and fun to try or gift to your family this year, here are seven traditional CNY goodies with a twist!

1. Crocodile meat bak kwa

Instead of fretting over which brand of bak kwa to buy, why not try something completely different with bak kwa that isn’t made out of pork?

While it may definitely seem daunting at first, crocodile meat is said to be a healthier alternative with low fat and cholesterol yet being high in protein. It is also thought to ease asthma and coughs.


Surprise your guests with seemingly normal looking bak kwa and let them guess what meat they are eating. PHOTO CREDIT: HU ZHENG LONG


Available at Hu Zheng Long and Fragrance, crocodile meat bak kwa can be purchased in-store for those who may be a little more daring.

2. Laksa cookies

Cookies and laksa are both well-loved but vastly different foods. Yet Olsen Bakehouse managed to combine them into one.

Inspired by the iconic Katong Laksa, these laksa cookies contain hae bee hiam, fresh laksa leaves and other spices. However, they are not overpoweringly spicy and instead have a savoury sweetness to them.


Now you can easily eat laksa on the go, for when you need your fix of spice! PHOTO CREDIT: OLSEN BAKEHOUSE

3. Pineapple tart milk kefir

Too lazy to chew on CNY goodies and wish you had an easier alternative? Le Vyr has come up with pineapple tarts in drink form!

Made out of fresh pineapples, the dessert consists of handmade pineapple coulis and raw unpasteurised milk kefir, and can be shaken and mixed to drink, or consumed separately.


The dessert also comes with plain pineapple tart biscuits without the pineapple jam on top, to pair with the drink if desired. PHOTO CREDIT: LE VYR


This probiotic spinoff on a classic CNY Snack is enjoyable and healthy.

4. Black truffle pineapple tart

If you are willing to spend more and impress your guests with classy treats, replace basic pineapple tarts with one infused with black truffle oil and sprinkled with gold dust!


They cost $28.80 for a box of 23 pieces. PHOTO CREDIT: THE WHITE OMBRE


Created by The White Ombre, these not only look good on display, but they probably taste rich too — pun intended.

5. Vegetarian avocado cookies

Vegetarians rejoice! Avomin is selling eggless cookies in avocado, matcha and earl grey flavours.

The cookies are all low in sugar for a guilt-free binge, and contain fresh ingredients.

The avocado cookies have actual avocado bits inside, earl grey cookies are infused with premium quality earl grey tea leaves, and the matcha cookies are baked with authentic Uji Matcha for that pleasant bitter taste.


Each container, containing 55-60 bite sized pieces, is priced at $22. PHOTO CREDIT: AVOMIN


Even if you and your family or relatives aren’t vegetarian, these cookies are said to be addictive and sure to impress.

6. Lychee kueh bangkit

While kueh bangkit is already good on its own, adding lychee to it is something I never knew I needed.

A Butter Studio bestseller, their lychee kueh bangkits melt in your mouth with a subtle tropical lychee fragrance.


Light pink in colour, they look cute and taste delicious — perfect for the festive season. PHOTO CREDIT: BUTTER STUDIO


Butter Studio also sells other unique products that are high in demand such as sea salt red velvet and salted egg charcoal cookies. They also have spicier alternatives like spicy mala cookies and curry crab sticks.

They sell out fast, so do order them quickly if you’re interested!

7. Pineapple-less tarts

If you are looking for a less sinful way to indulge your pineapple tart cravings, these pineapple-less tarts by BoTart are a must-try.

As the thick sphere of pineapple jam can tend to be too overwhelming for some, BoTart released pineapple tarts with just the biscuit, engraved with lucky auspicious numbers.


The Pineapple-less Money HUATarts contain buttery cookies and absolutely zero pineapple. PHOTO CREDIT: BOTART


They also sell pineapple tarts with a simple thin pineapple glaze layered over it for a delicious yet less jelak treat.

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