Unique and meaningful gifts you can get for your loved ones this festive season

Read on to find out what presents you should get those who don’t seem to want or need anything.

Shannon Kuan

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Published: 1 December 2020, 11:50 AM

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are struggling with the same dilemma: getting Christmas presents for our loved ones.

Giving meaningful presents to your friends and family can show how much you know about and care for them.

But the quest for finding a gift that someone will love seems almost impossible when they have no specific interests or already own everything they may need.

Well, worry no further because here are some unique personalised gift ideas that will make your loved ones swoon:

1. Spotify acrylic plaque

You might have seen this trending on TikTok and from personal experience, it is actually affordable and pretty easy to make!

A clear plaque that displays one’s favourite song like it’s playing on Spotify, this gift is aesthetically pleasing and would make a beautiful decoration.

This would make a great gift as you can incorporate a song that is special to the person you are gifting this to, as well as an image of them or a photo they hold close to their hearts.


Feel free to replace the original song’s album art with a personalised photo. You have all the creative freedom here! PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@CHHARCOLE


All you need is a clear acrylic sheet, white marker or paint, glue or tape, and a printer! These products can be simply purchased at your nearby Art Friend.

Instructions for how to make them can be easily found online. If you find yourself too lazy or lacking the time to DIY, you can purchase them online too.

2. Care package

If you’re getting a present for someone who doesn’t seem to have any specific interests, getting a few products that will be of use to them will definitely be appreciated.

Instead of buying a random bar of soap and wrapping it up as a gift, put some thought into it and throw in products that you know your loved ones will enjoy and use.

Things that you could include in this self-care package could be face masks, soaps, candles, perfume or deodorant, nail care products, a comfy hoodie, cute socks and some yummy snacks.


You can also make the care package themed after your loved ones’ favourite colour. PHOTO CREDIT: TIKTOK/@CLARADIVALL


Add a little flair to the overall gift by wrapping it in a nice box and decorating it with confetti paper and a sweet handwritten note.

After all, who wouldn’t appreciate a package of useful items?

3. Light decorations

Did you know that humans spend the most time in their bedrooms? It shouldn’t come as a surprise, since a majority of us love sleeping.

With that said, why not give someone something special that can help brighten and add a creative touch to their bedroom!

LED lights are an extremely popular room decor that many online content creators have been known to own. They are long strips of coloured lights that one can stick to their walls and ceilings. It often comes with a remote that one can use to change the colour of the lights.

Not only are these lights pretty and sure to leave your entire room emitting a colourful glow, they are also energy efficient and will help save electricity.


This bedroom is turned into an aesthetic dream with LED lights and galaxy projectors. PHOTO CREDIT: PINTEREST


Another option could be galaxy light projectors. These projectors can help bring the starry night sky to the comforts of one’s bedroom, shining a plethora of mini stars in different colours all over the ceiling and walls.

Remember fairy lights? They were a huge trend until LED lights, also popularly known as ‘TikTok lights’ on the social media platform, recently took its place. However, that doesn’t mean that they no longer make good decorations, because they do!

Fairy lights are versatile and can be pasted in various ways along one’s walls. While they usually only come in one colour, many love the fact that you can hang your personalised photos on these lights.

4. Merchandise from their favourite artists or content creators

Almost everyone, at one point of their lives, has idolised someone in the entertainment industry; be it a singer, online influencer or video creator.

A possible gift idea could be getting someone merchandise from their favourite band, YouTuber or show franchise. Even if you don’t keep up to date with whoever they are following, a simple online search will provide you with all you need to know.

Practically every famous celebrity and online creator has released personalised merchandise, from clothing to accessories to collectibles. 


James Charles is a makeup artist with over 24 million YouTube subscribers and has all kinds of merchandise available, including makeup. PHOTO CREDIT: SISTERS-APPAREL.COM


If you’re thinking of a present to get someone and you remember that they like a particular band, you could get them a band t-shirt or see what other merchandise the band has released that looks interesting.

5. Personalised jewellery

A trend I’ve noticed many hopping onto is owning a necklace, bracelet or anklet with their names, initials, or nicknames on it.

Usually coming in a simple gold, silver or rose gold chain, having personalised jewellery is a staple piece that goes well with almost any outfit.


Nothing screams personalisation more than wearing your name or initial around your neck. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@KUEYLAPIS


You can also find stores that allow engravings and include a special date or quote, apart from just their names.

Some may find this tacky while others view it as trendy and cute, so make sure you know your loved ones’ interests before getting this for them!

6. A reversible stuffed toy

Stuffed toys are an overrated present… but a reversible stuffed toy? Now that’s something new and special.


This reversible mood octopus has taken the internet by storm. PHOTO CREDIT: SHOPEE.SG


The reversible stuffed octopus displays two different moods in different colours. On one side, it may show a smiling purple octopus; but when flipped, turns into a blue octopus with a frown!

Not only does it look cute, it also helps one express if they are in a positive or negative mood.

While there are other variations that can be found and purchased online, the most popular one seems to be the octopus.

7. Card games

Card games are a great gift as they can be used multiple times across different groups of people, and encourages bonding instead of staring at your screens when you’re out with friends.

Of course, poker cards may be a little too mainstream despite their versatility and almost everyone owns a set of poker cards already.

Here are some adult card games that are perfect for parties and are sure to bring the person you are gifting this to, tons of laughter.


Incoherent is a hilarious card game, with the aim of making sense out of gibberish words. PHOTO CREDIT: WHAT DO YOU MEME?


Hopefully these gift ideas have helped your Christmas shopping. 

If you’re still unsure about what presents to get someone, here’s a tip: Pay attention to their latest interests, what they have recently lost, or stated that they needed or wanted. 

All the best and happy shopping!

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