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UNIQLO to run 4 free fashion workshops for the public from Oct 1 to 9

The workshops will be conducted at UNIQLO’s Orchard Central global flagship store.

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Published: 21 September 2022, 4:02 PM

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into making a fashion masterpiece, UNIQLO’s series of four free workshops and talks from Oct 1 to 9 might be right up your alley.

Held at UNIQLO’s Orchard Central global flagship store, the four workshops are linked to UNIQLO’s new clothing collection named Masterpiece. 

The workshops are hosted by local “Masters” who will share their different perspectives on what makes a particular piece of clothing worthy of being a Masterpiece.


Masters include (clockwise from top left) Fin Crafted Goods, Hendric Tay, Agatha Lee and Matthew Lai. PHOTO CREDIT: UNIQLO


Here are the four workshops you can sign up for:

1. Denim: A Masterpiece in Beautiful Ageing

Want to fix your torn denim jeans but not sure how to do so? You can learn various mending techniques such as the sashiko (a hand-sewing technique originating from Ancient Japan), and extend the longevity of your jeans by patching them up yourself at this workshop.


FIN Crafted Goods will be working with UNIQLO’s stretch selvedge denim during the workshop. PHOTO CREDIT: UNIQLO


Conducted on Oct 1 by jeans mending collective FIN Crafted Goods, the Denim: A Masterpiece in Beautiful Ageing workshop also teaches participants about quality jeans fabric and denim construction.

2. Travel Essentials: A Masterpiece in Lightweight Innovation

For those planning to travel during the winter season, there’s Travel Essentials: A Masterpiece in Lightweight Innovation on Oct 2. 

Meant to shed light on dressing smart for winter travel, the talk will be hosted by Hendric Tay, founder of travel content platform The Travel Intern. Participants will learn to layer their clothes smartly when preparing for winter travel.


Hendric will be sharing about his travel experiences too. PHOTO CREDIT: UNIQLO


Participants will also get to take home UNIQLO travel essentials to help them stock up for their future journeys.

3. Workwear: A Masterpiece in Tailored Fits

If you want to look good in professional settings, Workwear: A Masterpiece in Tailored Fits may be for you. 

Hosted on Oct 8, the workshop is catered towards workers looking to present themselves more fashionably in the office.


Participants will learn about the optimal combinations of UNIQLO jackets, shirts and trousers. PHOTO CREDIT: UNIQLO


Matthew Lai, head cutter of menswear tailoring brand KAY-JEN will help participants nail the perfect outfit for work by giving them tips on alterations and choosing the right clothing size.

Participants stand a chance to win a free set of UNIQLO workwear when they attend the talk.

4. Knitwear: A Masterpiece in Artistic Innovation

Unleash your inner artist by attending Knitwear: A Masterpiece in Artistic Innovation, conducted on Oct 9.

Aside from learning more about her knitwear innovations, participants will learn to create art through sewing as they learn embroidery techniques from textile artist Agatha Lee.


Another embroidery technique that can be learnt during the workshop is the darning method. PHOTO CREDIT: NATHANA REBOUCAS VIA UNSPLASH


Participants can look forward to the hands-on experience provided in this workshop as they get to harness their creativity and sew artistic patterns on brooches.

If any of these workshops intrigue your inner fashionista, you can register for your preferred workshop or talk through this form.

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