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Unfortunate Mother’s Day stories

We hope your Mother's Day celebrations will be better than these.

David Yip

Published: 12 May 2017, 12:07 PM

Mother’s Day is supposed to be the day we salute the most important women in our lives. Unfortunately, some of us end up giving our mothers a lot more than they can handle.

Here’s a collection of “interesting” Mother’s Day experiences.

1.  Forgetting the ‘Happy’ in Happy Mother’s Day

“My sister and I decided to make a card for Mother’s Day and we did it in quite a rush because we wanted to pass it to her in the morning. It took us a long time to make the card as we were not good in art.

We spent a good two hours making the card and tried to make it as beautiful as possible before passing it to her. In our haste, we forgot to add the word ‘Happy’ on the top of the card. Basically the card just read: “Mother’s Day”.

The worst part about this was that we did not notice the mistake until my mum pointed it out to us. We took back the card, made a quick edit and added the word ‘happy’.” – Joshua Lee, 17, student


Making a Mother’s Day card at the last minute can lead to some interesting typos.
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2. The disappearing breakfast

“A few years ago, I decided my mother deserved a bit of pampering for Mother’s Day. I woke up extra early that Sunday morning and cooked a lavish breakfast for her.

After three hours of cooking, I laid her breakfast on the table and knocked on her door.

As I heard her come out, I ran to the kitchen to try and clean the mess. About 10 minutes in, I could hear her eating, but that was it. No “Good morning!” or “Did you make this?”.

As I made my way to the dining table, I realised why I didn’t hear anything else. Hovering over the dining table was my father, munching on the beautifully laid out breakfast, while half asleep.

Turns out, he heard the knock on the door and let his stomach lead the way to our dining table. In the end, my mum woke up and made all of us pancakes.” – Nitya Sabhnani, 19, student

3. Cutting it too close

“Last year, I decided to do something new for Mother’s Day. I went to buy flowers at the Thomson nursery. That was the first time I went there and I couldn’t decide what to buy.

My friend suggested roses and I grabbed a random bouquet because the store was closing. The thing with getting flowers from the nursery is that the flowers still have the leaves and thorns attached, and the stalks are very long.

So, I decided to make a nice bouquet with colourful paper and the flowers. The problem is, I have never done this before.

The first thing I did was to cut off the stalks off and I cut them way too short. There was barely any room to hold the stalk.


A miscalculation almost ruined Ignatius’ Mother’s Day present.
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Luckily, one of the staff was kind enough to help me make the bouquet look decent with some tape.” – Ignatius Koh, 17, student

4. The wrong type of surprise

“When I was younger, I decided to get some contraband cigarettes to smoke because they were cheaper. The first time I decided to smoke them, I shared a pack with my friends and left him with the remaining pack.

The next time we smoked the contraband cigarettes, it was at Bishan Park. Coincidentally, someone tipped off the police that we were smoking at there. The police came over and found the contraband cigarettes that I had and soon sent me a letter to appear in court.

Sadly, my mum found out about the letter on Mother’s Day and we had to head down to court the next day. She was upset about the situation and I really regretted my decision as I made her angry.


Till today, George regrets ruining Mother’s Day for his family.
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Needless to say, the celebrations for the day were cancelled.” – George Goh, 19, NSF

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