Ultraman arrives in Singapore for 55th anniversary of Singapore-Japan relations

Three short films have been made to commemorate the event.

Alicia Ang

Strength: Memorising lyrics. Weakness: Having least 144 tabs open at all times.

Published: 8 December 2021, 12:23 PM

The first episode of a new Ultraman series has been released, this time with Singapore as its backdrop.

Ultraman: A New Power of Singapore comprises three short films, and was made to commemorate not only Ultraman’s 55th anniversary, but also the 55th anniversary of Singapore-Japan diplomatic relations (SJ55). The campaign is titled SingapoReimagine Ultraman

The first episode has just been released on YouTube. In it, the Godzilla-esque kaiju— giant monster— Red King terrorises Gardens by the Bay, and Ultraman has to take him down. The episode is fully in Japanese, but the plot is easy to follow. 

There’s also a hint at the plot of the next episode as we are teased with a shadowy underwater character – Singapore’s very own Merlion. Episode 2 will be released on Dec 14th, and the finale will come out on Dec 21.

The series was directed by Kiyotaka Taguchi, who also directed Ultraman Z in 2010 and Ultraman Orb in 2016. 

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