UA Combine 2023 to be held in October; $17,000 cash prizes up for grabs

The entry age for this year’s run has been lowered, allowing aspiring athletes from 16 years old and above to compete.

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Published: 5 May 2023, 4:45 PM

A total cash prize pool of $17,000 is up for grabs at this year’s run of the UA Combine fitness competition on Oct 21.

The competition, organised by Under Armour, will be held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Competing athletes will go through a series of physical and mental tests challenging their agility, stamina, vertical, power, endurance, strength, speed and cognition.

Some of the tests include a pull-up beep test for stamina, a jump test for vertical, a 20-metre sled push for power and a reactive intelligence wall for cognition.

According to Under Armour, improvements for the tests have been made from last year’s event to better measure a competitor’s athletic abilities.

The standing vertical leap test will assess competitors utilising force plates which accurately measure an individual’s upwards propulsion force, as opposed to a traditional sergeant jump that was used last year.

Competitors will earn points for each completed test and be ranked according to their final result. 

Medals and cash prizes of $5,000, $2500 and $1000 will be awarded to the top three athletes in both the men’s and women’s divisions respectively.


According to Under Armour, the reactive intelligence wall measures reaction time, decision-making and attention skills. PHOTO CREDIT: UNDER ARMOUR SINGAPORE


Additionally, Under Armour has lowered the entry age, allowing aspiring athletes from 16 years old to compete. The top male and female youth will win a one-year Under Armour product sponsorship worth $1,500.

Participants are also encouraged to form a group of four to win additional prizes. 

Competitors will compete at each test individually, and the team’s score will be the total sum of each team member’s score. The highest team score will bring home $2,000 worth of Under Armour gear. 

In collaboration with UFIT Singapore, participants who have signed up for UA Combine may attend exclusive training sessions to prepare for the competition. Classes are on a first-come-first-served basis with limited capacity.

Registrations will open on May 8, with 350 slots available. Participants are required to be a legal Singapore resident to be eligible for the competition.

All participating athletes will receive a full set of competition gear on the event day.

Registration fees start from $75. Interested participants may register for the UA Combine through Competition Corner.

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