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Twitter tests long-form Notes feature with expanded word limit of 2,500

Users can also include a Note title limited to 100 characters.

Ernest Cheng

Published: 24 June 2022, 1:06 PM

Twitter is currently testing its new feature Notes with a small group of writers, which will allow users to share long-form content of up to 2,500 words, announced the platform on Jun 23. 

Users are currently limited to 280 characters in a single Tweet. 

Note cards will appear in the user’s timeline just like other Tweets when they are tweeted, retweeted or quote tweeted by someone they follow. Users can like, reply and interact with a Note card in the same ways as a regular Tweet. 

Users can also navigate to the writer’s profile to read their published Notes under the new Notes tab. Writers will be able to edit Notes even after they are published.  

Once a Note is published, it will have its unique URL which people can access whether or not they are logged into Twitter. 

Users in test countries will be able to view Note cards in their timeline if they follow someone participating in the test group or if someone they follow shares a link to a Note. However, readers in some countries might not be able to view Note cards or Notes at this time. 

Twitter assured that Notes will not overtake normal Tweets, but instead provide an additional experience for writers on Twitter outside of Tweets. 

They plan to gradually expand the number of people who can access this feature with the timing dependent on what the platform learns during the test.

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