‘Try Galaxy’ app allows iPhone users to try new Samsung Galaxy S23 features, interface

Play around with the new features from the S23 One UI 5.1 update.

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Published: 3 April 2023, 4:51 PM

iPhone users can now experience the Galaxy features and user interface with the newest version of the Try Galaxy app.

The app, now available in 14 different languages, showcases new features from the Samsung Galaxy S23 series and One UI 5.1 update. Users can access the app through a QR code found on the Try Galaxy website.


The Try Galaxy app operates only with Safari on iOS devices launched on or after Sep 16, 2016. PHOTO CREDIT: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS


After scanning the QR code, users will be brought to a Safari page where they will be prompted to add the app to their homepage.


Two-step instructions will be given for users to download the app. PHOTO CREDIT: TRYGALAXY.COM


Once the download is complete, users can head back to the home page and access the app. Instructions and tips will also be available once the app is launched.

From there, users can experience the interface of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and try the different apps as if they were using the phone itself, complete with the Samsung notification alert sound.


Users can watch pre-recorded videos about the camera features of the Samsung S23 when they open the camera app. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM TRY GALAXY


Users can access multiple in-app functions, such as the health app, gallery, Galaxy store and even change the theme and icons of the interface.

While using the app, users will get notifications from the messages app that will prompt you to try out various features found in different apps. Users will also be able to text back and receive automated responses unique to each conversation.

On top of messages, users also have access to the camera app. Although they will not be able to use the camera, they can watch pre-recorded videos showcasing the camera’s functions.

Users can hunt for hidden easter eggs by exploring the various features within the app.

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