Trend report: Style beyond SG50

Singaporean fashion takes it to the next level with the SG Next50 collection.

Andrea Oh
Andrea Oh

Published: 16 April 2015, 12:00 AM

As part of Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2015, the SG Next50 collection has been launched. This collection is the future of Singaporean fashion as envisioned by five renowned local designers. If you are looking for outfits straight out of Vogue 2050 – or, for that matter, Vogue 2015 – the SG Next50 collection will not disappoint.

What I like about the designs is that no matter how futuristic they are, you can still see local history and culture weaved into them. Home-grown label DEPRESSION, known for its street goth-inspired looks, incorporated important milestones in Singaporean history into their contributions. Embroidered on some of the outfits are the Chinese characters for ‘1965’, the year of our independence, and ’50’, for our 50 years of independence.


Check out the embroidered details on the mask and collar


Youth.SG managed to get DEPRESSION co-founder Kenny Lim’s take on these pieces at an exclusive media event. “While our silhouettes are very futuristic, we want to tell people that we don’t want to forget the past, so these designs still remind you of important dates in history,” he said.

Other collections remind one of the past in other ways. Francis Cheong’s designs are classic bridal looks with an old-world charm about them. The Western influences in Singaporean style through the sixties to eighties can be clearly seen. However, in keeping with the futuristic feel of the collection, chunky choker accessories are used for a sci-fi twist.


The thick chokers add a touch of futurism.
Photo credit: Orchard Road Business Association


Going back to black is Pleatation’s collection. If Francis Cheong pays tribute to the Western influences in local fashion, this collection definitely celebrates the Eastern part of Singaporean culture. Pairing black with silky gold materials – vaguely reminiscent of brocade, which is frequently used in traditional costumes – creates a refreshing blend of the past and present.  I also like the use of different hem lengths and lightweight capes. With the wind breezing through the material, the outfits look remarkably like wings.


Anyone else getting Hunger Games vibes?


Feeling inspired to infuse your style with more local culture? Do not be afraid to take the first step when experimenting with your wardrobe! For instance, pair a mandarin-collared blouse with a skater skirt, or graphic prints with traditional costume silhouettes. It is all about mixing and matching.


Mandarin collars can be part of the perfect avant-garde look.
Photo credit:


If you would like to see the SG Next50 collection in person, head down to Paragon Atrium 1 from 17 April to 24 May. You’ll even get to hear from the designers about their inspirations behind their creations!

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