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Train Night Market Ratchada rumoured to be closing permanently

Many vendors working at the night market have been asked to move out.

Xynthea Ong

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Published: 2 August 2021, 12:51 PM

There has been speculation that the immensely popular Train Night Market Ratchada in Bangkok will be permanently closing. 

According to Kapook, a Thai website, several F&B operators working at the night market have mentioned that their stores will be demolished soon and have been asked to relocate. 

One Facebook user, Ad Lump, disclosed that Train Night Market Ratchada will be closing down due to COVID-19 complications. With the decrease in international travellers, the night market had incurred losses that the owner was unable to withstand. 

The post has garnered thousands of likes, comments and shares.

Although there has been no official news from the night market, many people have taken to sharing their memories at the tourist attraction and expressing their sorrow at the possibility of its closing.

Train Night Market Ratchada has been closed indefinitely since the start of Bangkok’s partial lockdown in May. Previously, the night market still offered dine-in options for visitors with little social distancing. 

In their last post on their official Facebook page on Jun 22, it was mentioned that the market will be closed until Jul 31 “or until further notice”.re

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