Total number of dengue cases surpasses 10,000 this year

There are currently 10,125 dengue cases in 2022 as of May 21.

Nurul Mardhiah

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Published: 26 May 2022, 1:39 PM

The total number of local dengue cases recorded in 2022 has surpassed the 10,000 mark, with 10,125 cases recorded as of May 21. This is almost twice the number of 2021’s 5,258 dengue cases for the entire year. 

There were 1,289 new cases reported from May 15 to 21, reported the National Environment Agency (NEA). This was a slight decrease from the previous week’s total of 1,323 dengue cases. 

The number of active clusters has increased with a total of 341 clusters reported as of May 21. The Lorong Kismis and Cheng Soon Crescent area located in Bukit Timah remains to be the largest cluster in Singapore with 408 cases reported since the start of the year. 

NEA strongly urges the public to consistently practice the Mozzie Wipeout “B-L-O-C-K” steps regularly to remove stagnant water in common mosquito breeding areas. The public should also continue to protect themselves using the Spray, Apply, Wear steps when going out or living in high-risk areas. 

Those that are planning on going on a vacation during the June holidays or travelling overseas are advised to mosquito-proof their homes before leaving. 

The public can download the myENV app or visit the NEA website to receive the latest updates on active clusters in Singapore. 

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