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Tips for youths dealing with career concerns during COVID-19

Though COVID-19 has impacted recruitment and hiring, there are still various opportunities available.

Chevonne Law

Published: 28 May 2020, 10:21 PM

The COVID-19 situation has caused career-related worries for many. With the pandemic impacting the job market, many job seekers are faced with much uncertainty regarding their future careers. But not all hope is lost.

Together with career design company My Working Title, the National Youth Council has created a video to answer youths’ questions about careers during this uncertain period.


The video features career specialists and HR professionals from various industries.

Here are three useful tips and observations from industry professionals about growing in your career path during this period.

COVID-19 has brought about opportunities 

If you thought that the pandemic has caused all hiring to cease, you’re wrong!

Companies are still actively looking for top talents who would be an asset to their company. People who are able to bring the human touch into virtual space will impress hirers especially during this period.

There is also a shift in demand for new employees in various sectors. Areas such as e-commerce, digital payments and cyber security are growing, and there are tons of opportunities available for you to venture in these sectors.

Important skills you need 

Technical skills, such as programming and coding, are currently high in demand. Eight out of the top 10 emerging jobs in Singapore require such skills.

If you have the technical skills that employers need, be sure to include them in your CV!

Coders are currently high in demand in the job market. Photo Credit: Ilya Pavlov via Unsplash

Besides technical skills, soft skills are vital too. Hiring managers are looking for people with characteristics such as adaptability and resilience, and having these traits will help you gain a competitive edge when looking for jobs.

Take this time to find out the skills needed for the industry you’re interested in.

What you can do fruitfully during this period

As everything has been shifted online, now is a good opportunity to connect with specialists virtually for career guidance. Reach out to experts in your field of interest and get advice from them.

This way, you can also build your network and gain connections with industry professionals.

Besides, you can also use this time to try your hand at different things. With plenty of resources available online, you can pick up new skills such as learning a new language, which can open new job options.

The new skills and hobbies you pick up during this period will come in handy in future. Photo Credit: Kyle Gregory via Unsplash

Taking this time to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses can also help you become more self-aware and ready for your future jobs.

Though the current situation is not the most ideal, this period has also opened up various opportunities virtually.

Don’t lose hope and continue looking out for possibilities as you spend time building your skills and expanding your network!


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