TikTok introduces automatic captions

The feature aims to create a more inclusive and accessible environment for the TikTok community.

Effie Tan

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Published: 8 April 2021, 10:12 AM

If you’re an avid creator on TikTok, you would know that manually creating subtitles for every new video is time-consuming and often a hassle.

The good news is that you no longer have to do it yourself as TikTok has finally added an automatic captions function where subtitles will be auto-generated for all videos. 


Subtitles will be automatically transcribed and displayed on the videos. PHOTO CREDIT: TIKTOK


To enable auto captions, TikTok creators will have to select the auto captions option on the editing page after their video is created. The captions can be edited if they are transcribed incorrectly. 

Viewers can choose to disable the auto captions by turning the captions off under the share panel. 

With the update, viewers who are hard of hearing can now read the subtitles when scrolling through the app if it is inconvenient for them to turn on the audio. The new feature will be beneficial for the deaf community to use and better enjoy TikTok. 

The auto captions feature is currently only available in American English and Japanese. However, more languages will be launched in the coming months.

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