TikTok accounts to follow for useful study hacks

Five educational TikTok accounts share their study tips and tricks so that you can make the most of your time online.

Sarah Chan

Published: 1 October 2020, 9:19 PM

The end-of-year exam season looms nearer as we speak, but some of us might have a hard time putting our phones down.

With the explosion in popularity of TikTok, it is no doubt that its endless scroll of videos can easily draw you in for hours on end too. While it is hard to resist, fret not, as you can make a healthy compromise.

Here are five educational TikTok study accounts you can follow, so that you can make the most of your time online.

1. Bernice Loon - @bernice_loon

Tiktoker @bernice_loon is not just your ordinary teacher. She’s a cool one.

The popular Geography teacher’s videos feature Ms Loon lip synching to a variety of catchy songs as she answers popular user questions through a text overlay.


Ms Loon answers all things Geography through fun TikToks for her students. PHOTO CREDIT: @BERNICE_LOON’s TIKTOK


From study tips, topic summaries to exam hacks, Ms Loon transforms the content-heavy subject into palatable videos for easy learning.

Besides TikTok, you can also find Ms Loon’s content on her YouTube channel and website.

2. Ke Shang - @shangkeke

Local TikTok creator, @shangkeke, shares advice for a range of education levels – from primary school exams to tips on applying to the University of Cambridge.

But contrary to what one might assume of explainer videos, these are not lectures that bore.


Ke Shang shares her personal experience and practical advice for students. PHOTO CREDIT: @SHANGKEKE’s TIKTOK


Ke Shang captivates the audience with her listicle-styled videos and bite-sized tips that are not only practical but easy to pick up.

3. Kenneth Choo - @kennethchootv

Find quick motivational videos on adulting, studying, life hacks and more when you visit Kenneth Choo’s TikTok page @kennethchootv.


Get inspired by Mr Choo’s sharing for young adults and students alike. PHOTO CREDIT: @KENNETHCHOOTV’s TIKTOK


Mr Choo, a local TikTok Education Content Creator and author, presents his videos in his usual three-points approach and often engages with his followers through the comments section.

4. Study Stuff - @study_stuff

Perhaps you now know how to tackle your exam topics, but what is the best approach to study and absorb the information? @study_stuff shows you how.


Discover the right study methods to suit your learning style. PHOTO CREDIT: @STUDY_STUFF’s TIKTOK


In their popular ‘How to’ videos, Study Stuff covers a variety of study methods – from study hacks for different learning styles to ways that you can plan and organise your study sessions.

Start your revision on the right track with these helpful tips.

5. StudyNotesIdea - @studynotesidea

‘Studygrams’ are popular among students for their beautifully designed revision notes and motivational powers to inspire others to study.

If you’re a follower of the ‘studygram’ community like me, @studynotesidea is a place for you to check out on TikTok.


Calming aesthetics to create a different studying experience. PHOTO CREDIT: @STUDYNOTESIDEA’s TIKTOK


Besides featuring a series of neatly written study notes, StudyNotesIdea also shares her favourite music or video recommendations, reviews on stationery brands and documents her study sessions through her mini vlogs.

As the saying goes, work smarter, not harder. Find what suits best to your study needs and invest the time and effort to work towards your academic goals.

We hope these tips will help you in your upcoming exams, best of luck!

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