Thundery showers with frequent lightning expected in first half of April

The Northeast Monsoon continues with intense thunderstorms over many areas in Singapore.

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Published: 5 April 2021, 2:43 PM

April has always been known historically as the hottest month in the year. 

However, with the weakening of the Northeast Monsoon and onset of inter-monsoon conditions, more thundery showers through this April are to be expected. 

In the first half of the month, short duration moderate to heavy thundery showers with frequent lightning in the afternoon are expected on most days in parts of Singapore. 

The thunderous showers could extend into the early evening due to strong convergening winds in the surroundings.

On one or two days during the fortnight, warm weather is expected due to stable atmospheric conditions over Singapore.


The amount of lightning activities is elevated compared to other times of the year as the pairing of the hot weather and the light winds are favourable for the development of localised and fierce thunderstorms. PHOTO CREDIT: LEE JUNDA VIA UNSPLASH


Due to low-level winds over the equatorial Southeast Asia region including Singapore, the winds are anticipated to last through May.

Overall, the rainfall for the first fortnight of April 2021 is expected to be near normal over most parts of the island. 

The daily temperature forecast in the month ranges between 25 degree Celsius and 34 degrees Celsius. The daily maximum temperature could even reach a high of around 35 degrees Celsius on certain days.

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