Three ways to save your wallet and still look good for Laneway Festival

Got to stay in my lane and not go broke before Laneway Festival Singapore next year.

Kaisah Wasis

Published: 1 December 2017, 2:24 AM

In case you haven’t heard, Laneway Festival Singapore will be back in 2018!

As you get yourself acquainted with the massive line-up of 15 acts, such as Los Angeles-based genre bending singer- songwriter Anderson .Paak and his band The Free Nationals and Philadelphia-based indie rock band The War On Drugs, have you thought about how much you will have to spend to look good while grooving the night away?

After all, settling your festival outfits and makeup looks is as important as doing your homework for Laneway Festival. Otherwise, what else can you show off on social media?

But with tickets already taking a toll on your wallet, is it worth spending more money on makeup?

We have three budget makeup looks that will make you look festival ready!

1. Use Vaseline to keep your glitter in place

Vaseline is not just for healing dry skin and moisturising lips. It also helps you keep your glitter in place for that whimsical festival look. This hack can get messy though, so we recommend doing this before dressing up.

Make sure to blend the Vaseline (like how you would blend your highlighter) before you pop some glitter on!


Just enough Vaseline and the glitter is there to stay.


Just remember not to rub it in too much or it will end up being absorbed by your skin. That would be called moisturising.

Pro-tip: This look might not survive the humid weather, so be prepared to touch up when necessary.

2. Bleed a bunch of Skittles to make your own crazy eyeshadow palette

You can opt to spend money on an eyeshadow palette for this one occasion, but what if I told you that a pack of Skittles can almost do the trick?

Mix a few Skittles with some water and wait for the colour to bleed into the water. You will need enough water to soak the candy. Try not to add too much water, as the colour will be too weak.


The more Skittles you use, the deeper the colour is.


Add some flour to the coloured water until the mixture is malleable. To apply, use your finger or a brush to pick up the colour!

3. Use cocoa powder to sculpt your face

We know contouring is a scary territory in makeup. But with cocoa powder, you can just wipe off your mistakes without ruining the rest of your makeup.

Before you start, swatch the cocoa powder on the back of your hand to see how the colour works on your skin. If you have a fairer skin tone, you will need to mix some flour into the cocoa powder. Keep experimenting with the ratio until you get your desired shade.


Blend, blend, blend!!


Pro tip: For a smoother application, sift the cocoa powder and flour before using them.

Now, if someone asks you where you got your makeup, you can proudly say: “Oh, I made it myself.”

But let’s get real – no amount of setting sprays can help your “au naturel” makeup last the whole day anyway. And you still have to cleanse your face properly to remove your makeup.

Sorry, we do not make the rules. #youwinsome #andyoulosesome

Laneway Festival Singapore 2018 is happening on Jan 27 at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay. Get your tickets at APACTIX now!

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