Three unconventional things to do at night with your fellow insomniacs

No more binge-eating alone at three in the morning.

Praise Yeo

Published: 27 June 2016, 2:59 PM

There seem to be only two things one can do when you’re up in the middle of the night: Eat, or scroll through Facebook. Having fellow insomniacs for friends don’t really serve to make the night experience any better if you’re all just stuck at home – we end up spending our nights doing nothing but wait for the sun to rise again.

Instead of wasting your night away, here are three unconventional things to do at night with your fellow insomniacs:

1. Play games and enjoy an endless flow of cereal at Santa’s igloo 

If you haven’t been to Santa’s Igloo yet, you’re missing out on a real gem of a hideout. Situated conveniently in *SCAPE, Santa’s Igloo is an anti-café that believes in paying for the time you spend in it, rather than paying for food or entertainment on its own.

The café has board games, a pool table, Oculus Rifts, and even a movie screening room. That’s not even the best part: It boasts of a huge range of breakfast cereals and milk, leaving their customers at a loss on what to eat next.

You can even pay a small fee to have a free flow of ice cream.


The huge variety of choices will leave you cereal-ously in awe.
Photo credits: HomeTeamNS


Can you imagine stuffing yourself with ice cream in the middle of the night while going on a movie-marathon? Sounds just like every Insomniac’s dream (geddit).

Every hour spent in the Igloo costs $10, and the store opens till 5am in the morning on Friday nights and weekends.

Here’s to a night of binge-eating cereals and movie marathons, insomniacs!

2. Night nature walks…you never know what, or who, you may see

We’ve all – at some part of our lives – hiked the treacherous trail of MacRitchie or Mount Faber and it has proven to be enough cardio for the year.

The way the twigs snap and the trees sway with a gentle whisper seem to make us all jumpy when we’re tucked in the middle of the woods, even though it’s broad daylight.

Going for nature walks in the middle of the night will serve to be a whole other experience. The reflection of the moon in the waters, combined with the gentle night breeze, feels like an ethereal dream in itself. That is if you can calm your nerves down whilst walking in the dark, with only the sounds being the insects and occasional animal.


This familiar path completely changes as night falls.
Photo credits: Justrunlah


Daredevils, this is the place to go if you can’t sleep and you’re up for a night of adventure that might just keep you awake in the nights to come, but be sure to let someone know where you’re going. Just in case.

3. Mustafa hide-and-seek

Anyone who’s been to Mustafa will agree that it’s one of the best places in Singapore to visit with your friends. You can literally find anything and everything in Mustafa, from toiletries to clothes to the quirkiest snacks.

The separate buildings that are interconnected through walkways and basement links serve to make the place an even more exciting battle ground for an intense hide-and-seek game.

Not only will you be guaranteed an exciting game where everyone finds themselves lost, you’ll find that somehow, in that mall, time seems to sweep past you. Before you know it, the sun would already have risen.


This 24-hour mall keeps you occupied throughout the 24 hours.
Photo credits: The3mouseketeers


The prata stalls surrounding the mall also ensure you’ve got good food to celebrate yet another night you’ve failed to fall asleep, together with your fellow insomniacs.

So the next time you feel like there’s nothing to do besides the frequent supper/food-hunts, remember that there actually is more to Singapore than meets the eye.

Here’s to more nights of not getting enough rest.

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