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Three reasons why Taylor Swift’s ‘The 1989 Tour’ is like an epic sleepover

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Wan Munirah

Published: 9 November 2015, 11:44 AM

I am no Swiftie, but I guess you could consider me to be a closet fan.

In between the subdued fangirling and awkward solo sing-a-long sessions at her second sold-out concert from The 1989 Tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last night, I had a sudden epiphany that pretty much blew my mind.

Here are a few reasons why I think American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is fun to have at sleepovers. (Only in my wildest dreams, of course. Hur hur.)

1. She has the makings of a great sleepover host

If you have been to plenty of concerts, you will know that making eye contact with your favourite stars is practically impossible, especially if you can only afford the cheapest tickets.

Singing to a huge crowd while making everyone feel welcome, no less present, is no small feat. But not for Taylor.


Hey Taylor, can you see me now?


Like, come on, I have never seen anyone greet their guests via a revolving stage that not only goes up and down–it managed to bring her around the stadium as well for tracks like ‘Love Story’ and ‘Shake It Off’.

Also, the highlight of the night was when our eyes briefly met for a millisecond. I kid you not.


“You can hear it in the silence, silence. Ooh~”
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2. She dishes real advice that you can actually use

Besides indulging in sleepover rituals like painting our nails and braiding each other’s hair, I can imagine seeing Taylor sitting in the middle of the room, schooling us on managing reckless romances and bad blood. (Maybe I am not a closet fan after all…)

Case in point: Before she launched into ‘Clean’, Taylor casually gave us a pep talk about life.


*drops mic*
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The 25-year-old singer said: “It’s not gonna lead to happiness, in any case, when we prioritise on the opinions of people who don’t know or don’t care about us… When I stopped caring so much about what people I didn’t know thought about me, things got easier, things got better, I become happier.”

Preach, Taylor. Preach.

3. Songs from her 1989 album already make the perfect soundtrack for sleepovers

You know what else is great during sleepovers, besides heart-to-heart conversations and floral nail art? Random singing, of course.

With fun lyrics like “Boys only want love if it’s torture, Don’t say I didn’t say, I didn’t warn ya” from ‘Blank Space’ and “I want you for worse or for better, I would wait forever and ever” from ‘How You Get The Girl’, can you imagine singing in animal onesies against a backdrop of fairy lights with TayTay?

Well, I already can.


Told ya.
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